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Change Management Advisor

June 2021

About BCI


With $200 billion of AUM, British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI) is a leading provider of investment management services to British Columbia’s public sector. BCI began operations under the Public Sector Pension Plans Act in 2000 with a role to generate investment returns that will help its institutional clients build a financially secure future. With a global outlook, BCI seeks investment opportunities that will meet its clients’ risk and return requirements over time. Its investment options span a wide range of asset classes, including fixed income; public and private equity; infrastructure and renewable resources; and real estate and mortgage.


BCI focuses on understanding its clients’ different investment needs, whether managing pension funds, growing capital reserves for insurance funds, or generating income for trust funds. This includes learning about its clients’ investment objectives, liability profile, liquidity needs, and investment horizon. BCI assists with developing strategies that take into account its clients’ investment objective, risk appetite, and investment beliefs.

BCI invests on behalf of 12 public sector pensions plans, three insurance funds, and various special purpose funds. As its largest client group, pension plans account for approximately 77.8% of the total AUM. Ensuring their continued financial security is very important to BCI with 630,000 pension plan beneficiaries and 2.5 million British Columbian workers depending on its clients’ returns.


BCI is committed to maintaining world-class standards of governance. Good governance is critical to delivering long-term value for its clients and is key to its continued success. BCI operates under a dual accountability model as set out in the Public Sector Pension Plans Act and is responsible to its clients and the BCI Board. Clients establish their investment policies and management frameworks and determine the diversification of the portfolio and the eligible investments. The Chief Investment Officer is accountable to each client for their investment returns and the management of their funds.


BCI is considered one of Canada’s top employers with a culture that focuses on empowering employees in the continuous pursuit of excellence and success for its clients. The organization is the recipient of numerous awards, including Canada’s Top 100 Employers 2021, Canada’s Top Family-Friendly Employers 2021, and BC’s Top Employers 2021. With a global mindset and a local goal, BCI has a dedicated and diverse team that encompasses a wide range of professions and backgrounds who collaborate on common ground to ensure financially secure futures for British Columbians.


BCI is driven by long-term considerations due to the long-term nature of the liability profile of its clients. The organization has repositioned itself as an active, in-house asset manager with sophisticated strategies in order to continue to succeed within an increasingly complex investment environment. Its team of skilled investment professionals operates within a robust culture of investment risk management and collaborates across various disciplines.


As a long-term investor, BCI believes in responsible investing as companies that employ robust environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices are better positioned to generate long-term value than similar companies with less-favourable practices. ESG considerations are taken into account in order to better understand, manage, and mitigate risks associated with long-term investments.

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