Tech industry expert and corporate board director, Sue Barsamian, serving on boards such as Five9, Box, NortonLifelock, covers top tech board agenda priority items.

By Rick Wargo

Business has changed. So have boards. Today, transformation and innovation dominate the corporate agenda, putting boards to the test. We know change is constant, and as business models and strategies evolve, catalysts at the forefront emerge.  

Boyden's The Tech Board Agenda presents discussions with tech industry board directors, those with bold agendas and an agile approach towards advancing within our evolving environment. In a micro-interview format, the series delivers diverse perspectives from directors across the technology sector spectrum, highlighting priority issues, concepts and insights as they navigate a new path forward. 

This edition features Sue Barsamian, a tech industry expert with over 35 years’ leadership experience in both early stage and Fortune 50 organizations. Former SVP, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of HPE Software, she has operated in a range of roles from sales and marketing to product, R&D and business operations. Sue currently serves as board director at several public companies (Five9, Box, NortonLifelock) and private technology companies (Gainsight, Xactly, Onfido and formerly Segment, Auth0), leveraging her strong business and technical background as an operating executive. Her focus as a Board Director is on helping high growth software/SaaS and cybersecurity companies as they scale.

In discussion with Boyden Global Fintech Leader and US Partner, Rick Wargo, the conversation covers top tech board agenda priority items, sharing insights on the important issues facing tech company boards including the agility it takes to transform and seize opportunity, strengthen future position, foster diversity, equity and inclusion, and harness a culture of innovation. 

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