Sharing a message of leading with purpose and compassion
as we look into 2018

Date: 01 February 2018

As 2018 is unfolding, we were delighted to have had the opportunity to show our gratitude to our friends and business partners. 

Our event, held on February 1, took place at our Richmond-Adelaide Centre Grand Lobby. Taking a moment to share the message of leading with purpose and compassion were our Social Impact Partners, Jessa Chupik and Nick Chambers, which included the following excerpts:  

“We’re all seeking those brilliant forces and strategies that will give us an edge but we’re also leading with compassion. And in this new disruptive reality, that takes strong and innovative leadership - which I see in front of me today. Having the strength and knowledge to seek a lot of different perspectives and experiences that challenge us is how innovative thinking is born. I’m proud to know that our work with you brings talent to a range of socially minded organizations and entities that can fulfil their strategies - from national and local innovation, research and advanced technology development to organizations developing and already impacting our communities with their solutions.”
Jessa Chupik, Partner – Boyden

“As leaders there’s tremendous benefit to routinely reflecting on your personal brand, story, or mission. To do so, you might ask yourself questions like: “In what ways am I translating the privileges I have earned or been given, into opportunities for others?” or “In what ways is the world a better place because of my leadership?” The last time I checked, there was no shortage of sticky problems out there waiting for solutions and for good people to implement and sustain those solutions.”
​– Nick Chambers, Partner – Boyden

We thank our friends for their continued support and for sharing the evening with us to celebrate what’s to come.

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