Date: 02 November 2022

Yale Alumni's 1stGenYale presents 'How to Stand Out as a Candidate for Nonprofit Jobs'

Boyden's Ken Rich joins as expert speaker, alongside Melissa Madzel (Axis Talent Partners), Michele Counter (DHR Global), and Jennifer Dunlap (DriWaterstone), moderated by Robyn Acampora, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Public Service Careers and Michael Watson (Yale), Employee Experience Advisor, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (The Port Authority of New York).

This webinar will provide participants with an opportunity to hear from search firm professionals who work with nonprofit senior leadership and boards to fill top jobs in the nonprofit sector. The program is open to all Yale alumni and students across all schools and co-sponsored by the Yale Office of Career Strategy.

Topics will include:

• How to increase the chances that you will be contacted by a search firm regarding nonprofit opportunities.
• What senior leaders and boards and looking for in candidates?
• How to position yourself for a career in the nonprofit sector if you are employed in another field of work?
• How Yale’s Office of Career Strategy can assist you in your search for nonprofit employment opportunities.

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1stGenYale is for Yale alumni who are the first in their families to attend college. They are alumni from Yale College and all Graduate & Professional Schools. Their objective is to create a welcoming environment for all individuals coming from disadvantaged and/or underrepresented backgrounds. By sharing challenges as well as personal and professional stories they aspire to form a community where they can connect at a deep level, nurture each other, feel a sense of belonging, and support each other in many different fashions.

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