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The Greater China Market

China is the world's oldest continuous major civilization, with records dating back over 3,500 years. But it is during the last three decades that the country has undergone its most rapid transformation – and with it, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Market-oriented reforms have unleashed individual initiative and entrepreneurship, and enabled scores of global companies to establish Chinese operations. Boyden has long been a part of the key business communities of Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and thus has been part of the country's economic growth. This local perspective, combined with our international presence make Boyden the ideal partner for both Chinese and international companies as they compete in this extraordinary market.


News & Knowledge

News Releases | 宝鼎全球高管搜寻业务拓展大中华区技术与行业实践

专属型高管搜寻及人才顾问服务行业的全球领导者宝鼎公司(Boyden)今日宣布,Jason Lee已加入其香港办事处,担任公司全球技术和行业实践合伙人。宝鼎在40多个国家设有70多家办事处。


News Releases | Boyden Grows Technology and Industrial Practices in Greater China

Jason Lee has joined Boyden's Hong Kong office as a Partner in the firm’s Global Technology and Industrial Practices.


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Boyden is a global organization with a presence in every major business center in the world, operating under a single brand: Boyden. With the global support of their Boyden colleagues, our local partners have the ability and expertise to make the best decisions for their individual markets.

Meet Boyden Greater China

Boyden was founded over 60 years ago, as the pioneer in the executive search industry. We brought our rich heritage, groundbreaking best practices, and impeccable integrity to Greater China in 1965, and have been a strong presence ever since. Our clients will partner with consultants who have a rich understanding of the region, backed by the vast resources of the global Boyden organization.

With offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Taipei, our consultants’ collective expertise in every industry and function ensures that our network is comprehensive and far-reaching. That way, each Boyden client — whether a global company looking to establish a regional base, or a local business starting to build multinational operations — has access to the very best leaders in this dynamic Greater China and Asian market.

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宝鼎全球高管搜寻业务拓展大中华区技术与行业实践 宝鼎全球高管搜寻业务拓展大中华区技术与行业实践

专属型高管搜寻及人才顾问服务行业的全球领导者宝鼎公司(Boyden)今日宣布,Jason Lee已加入其香港办事处,担任公司全球技术和行业实践合伙人。宝鼎在40多个国家设有70多家办事处。

Executive Monitor: Chief Digital Officer

The CDO is cropping up in executive teams across industries. And, as advancements in technology continue to change the way companies operate and interact with partners and consumers, the role is expanding. Organizations worldwide are increasingly hiring CDOs to forge new initiatives, build market share, and lead transformation.