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We developed the interim management concept and continue to expand this market. Our strong, validated cadre of interim managers helps our clients to transform their businesses.

We work closely with our clients to understand the interim leadership profiles that will most effectively deliver their required business outcomes.

We place interim managers to help clients with strategic needs and resourcing issues such as:

We know the interim management talent pool better than anyone else in the market because we monitor our interim managers through their assignments and discuss business trends between engagements.

Boyden is unusual in our industry in providing truly integrated executive search and interim management capabilities. This synergy works extremely well for our executive search clients who need an interim manager until the right leader can be found or released from their current role. It is also highly valuable for interim management clients. We combine our understanding of their needs with insight from the interim manager to find the right long-term executive.

Once engaged, we work with our client to define required business outcomes, key competencies for the interim manager profile, performance metrics and other deliverables.

We can source and engage the right interim manager quickly and efficiently, if necessary within 24 hours of the brief: speed is an essential requirement, given the time sensitive nature of most underlying business needs.

Boyden’s interim managers most in demand are CEOs, CFOs and finance directors, supply chain and operation managers, HR, technology and digital leaders. They have the knowledge, validated experience and gravitas to make an immediate impact and achieve agreed outcomes.

Monitoring their performance is central to our ability to deliver results and we are in regular contact with those on assignment, listening to their insight and anticipating what they need to be successful.

In more complex situations, and where we install teams of managers, we provide project and process management to meet KPIs and ensure success.

The majority of our interim clients are in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, with a growing number in the United States. We also have clients who engage our interim managers for international assignments, mainly in Europe, with some in Asia/Pacific and the Middle East.

We meet clients' interim needs at different levels within the organisation, and operate primarily at the C-suite and executive levels.

Sector Expertise

Cross-Sector Expertise

The modern interim manager is much more than someone filling a gap at short notice. While this is often a requirement, the needs of our clients typically involve transforming or at least improving the status quo in the business. We work closely with our executive search colleagues to provide a seamless service and create the right environment into which our clients can hire a long-term successor to an interim manager.

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Boyden partners have the experience, industry access and gravitas to deliver exceptional results. They are search experts, professional advisors and personal mentors.

Interim Management Solutions Insights

We share our knowledge of topical issues in special reports, interviews and blogs. If you are interested in a specific topic, please ask your Boyden partner or contact our local office.

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