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Cultural Transformation. We Help You Build A High-Performance Organization

Cultural Transformation is one of the most important factors in building a high-performance organization. In fact, it is as much our individual and collective behaviors as our skills and competencies that lead to results. But when does the evolution of one's own corporate culture become a real strategic opportunity?

In our experience, it is useful to address transformation when there are major changes in the company - such as the arrival of a new management team, a significant shift in the business environment, or a merger between two or more corporate cultures.

Nowadays, there are increasingly more reasons to carry out a Cultural Transformation, as many companies are undergoing crucial transformations such as digitization, the conversion towards a circular economy, or the transition from proprietary to managerial leadership.

Boyden Italia supports the client during the Corporate Culture Transformation process through four specific phases.

The first phase consists of mapping, analyzing, and defining the desired corporate culture in terms of values that reflect the needs of the people who make up the company. Indeed, it is important to understand that it is impossible to create a corporate culture that fails to account for the identity of the people who work there.

The second phase shifts the focus to the leaders of the organization. Through coaching sessions, managers are made aware of their own behaviors and are trained to consolidate functional actions and modify less functional ones. 

The next phase, after leadership training, aims to spread the values and behaviors throughout the company so that an understanding of the new Corporate Culture is shared among all employees.

Finally, Boyden helps align the structures and processes that support the new culture so that the corporate identity is consistent across all day-to-day operations at every level.

Marianne Fröberg is our Cultural Transformation expert with international experience in start-ups, operations, sales, and quality.

Marianne has worked in international companies and in large Italian companies with a Scandinavian cultural background, contributing with a winning mix of corporate culture and values to the start-up, growth, and subsequent consolidation of numerous organizations. She is trained in Coaching, Business, and Executive Coaching and currently manages projects for firms in a variety of sectors.

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