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In an increasingly complex and uncertain global business climate, strategic leadership is more important than ever. In parallel, determining whether a leader possesses the right strategic capabilities has grown more challenging.

Most assessment models provide a snapshot of how a leader is functioning in the present moment or may function in a given role. What organisations need to grasp is the potential: Are they equipped to meet unforeseen challenges, mitigate risk, and achieve their goals moving forward? Can they evolve from where they are, and if not, what do they need to get there?

The Strategic Leadership Competence Model

Seeking to meet our clients’ needs for more strategic leadership, Boyden undertook an extensive joint research project with the University of St. Gallen, one of Europe’s leading business schools, in 2014. Our goal was to identify the strategic leadership competencies of individuals and groups, and devise methodologies for measuring and developing these competencies.

The study was based on an extensive literature review and rigorous empirical research, including interviews with hundreds of C-level executives in Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.

From the resulting data and insights, St. Gallen University developed the Strategic Leadership Competence Model (SLCM) – an evidence-based tool for assessing and measuring the capacity to strategically lead an organisation and contribute to its competitive advantage.

The model is built around nine core strategic leadership competencies, related to cognitive, emotional and social intelligence, which were identified in the St. Gallen study. Established concepts of behavioural science form its theoretical underpinnings.

In practice, a highly trained and certified Boyden Partner or a team of Boyden Partners uses the model to conduct an in-depth “Behavioural Event Interview.” This assesses performance levels in each strategic leadership competency, based on behavioural indicators and measured using a progressive scoring system. The model is flexible, as it takes cultural differences into account and adapts accordingly.

Each assessment reveals underlying characteristics that dictate whether the individual or team can act in a strategic, goal-oriented manner in complex, uncertain and new situations. From these insights we create a comprehensive, customized report, establishing baselines, and providing a roadmap for transforming insight into action through strategic leadership development.

If you would like to learn more about Boyden’s leadership assessment methodology and how they might benefit your organisation, we invite you to contact one of our SLCM-Certified Partners in Europe, the US or Middle East who work with Boyden locations in providing industry-leading solutions globally.

Boyden SLCM-Certified Partners

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