Boyden Executive Search

Culture Change

How often do you hear ‘it’s all driven by the culture’? And how often do you hear how hard it is to change it?

Even with the most robust strategy in place, companies that don’t focus on culture have a harder time competing, recruiting and staying relevant. Culture is something executives have struggled to harness and change for decades.

Culture is about context; shared assumptions, values and beliefs that culminate in collective will. To achieve successful large-scale organisational change, we work with our clients to understand the unique drivers and circumstances that form this collective will and create the right vehicle to deliver successful organisational change.

Change is rational, it’s emotional and it’s political, because people are rational, emotional and political – and sometimes irrational. We make sure our clients are putting the right amount of effort into moving the right number of people, in the right direction, over the right period of time to achieve the desired change.

We support organisations going through all sorts of transformation by supporting the people going through that transformation. We make sure they understand the context and their part in a new collective will that will lead to a better future.

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