Boyden Executive Search


After a massive amount of time, energy and effort, you have found exactly the leader you were looking for. Now comes the hard bit. How can you realise their potential, now?


Comprehensive on-boarding using internal and external perspectives increases executive engagement, reduces voluntary departures, and shortens the lead time to full productivity.

Our on-boarding programmes are led by an executive coach, whose core skill is to optimise leadership performance. Using our comprehensive set of first 100-day guidelines, the coach helps individuals to understand their role in delivering the strategy and the requirements of the culture. This can involve stakeholder mapping – internal and external – building leadership teams, help with strategies, influence, and providing creative approaches to problem-solving.

Three months into the process, we recommend running a session with the new executive’s team to help establish the strategy and galvanise the leadership team to operate effectively together. After six to nine months, we typically collect 360° or upwards feedback to ensure impact.

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