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The Boyden Report: Brazil

Walking on the big stage: The ‘New Brazil’

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Welcome to the latest edition of The Boyden Report, a series designed to provide a deeper understanding of the global market for talent.

At Boyden, we work closely with global companies to craft their executive strategy. But that strategy must be continuously re-evaluated. What works in one region may not be effective in another. Each market has its own management dynamics.

The Boyden Report is designed to help you navigate this complexity in the ever-changing global market for talent. Each report will provide you with the context to make sustainable strategic decisions about your executive team. Our series includes reports on India, China, and Latin America.

In this report, we look at another key market that is emerging as one of the fastest growing  economies in the world – Brazil.

There is suddenly a sense of real excitement about this market. Perhaps seen as the laggard amongst the ‘BRICs,’ Brazil is now recognised not only as a sporting venue – hosting the World Cup in 2010 and the Olympics in 2016 – but as a serious business opportunity. Brazil has benefited from globalisation, without suffering the consequences experienced by other countries in the global recession. In fact, many of the executives we talk to on a daily basis told us that Brazil was the ‘safe port in a storm’.

In this report, we explore how Brazil came to be an unlikely ‘global hero’ and what this means for growth prospects in the near future.


Part 1: Brazil’s time has come

  • Introduction
  • “Brazil is a ‘serious country’”
  • Global growth prospects in Brazil
  • Barriers to growth – real or perceived?
  • New Brazil in a new global context

Part 2: Avoiding sand: New Brazil’s solid foundations

  • Foundations of rock, not BRIC
  • Economic diversity
  • A robust financial system
  • Transparency and stability support a greater role in the G20
  • A well-managed economy
  • A battle-hardened executive class

Part 3: New Brazil’s opportunity drivers

  • The consumer market
  • Brazil’s emergence as an energy superpower
  • Construction and infrastructure

Part 4: The Boyden View: Hiring in Brazil

  • Understanding ‘O jeitinho brasileiro’
  • The Boyden View on hiring in Brazil



A significant shift in Brazil’s global stature is underway. Yet, remarkably little has been published about the country since the financial crisis threw Brazil’s considerable strengths into relief. Here, we present the views and insights of senior business executives – the majority of whom lead Brazilian subsidiaries of multi nationals – to hear why they believe Brazil is now walking on the big stage.

Participants in our research include the following business leaders, whom we sincerely thank for generously sharing their time and personal perspectives:

  • Luiz Calil, President of Caterpillar Brazil – winner of ‘Best Company to work for’ in Brazil, in the 2009 Great Place to Work Institute rankings
  • Francisco Itzaina, CBE, President – South America of Rolls–Royce International
  • Gaetano Crupi, General Manager in Brazil of Abbott, a global, broad-based healthcare company, devoted to the discovery, development, manufacture, and marketing of pharmaceuticals and medical products, including nutritionals, medical devices, and diagnostics. The acquisition of Solvay Pharmaceuticals is part of a strategic plan to diversify and grow their presence in emerging markets including Brazil
  • Mark Pitt, President of Sherwin Williams in Brazil. Sherwin Williams is the largest producer of paints and coatings in the United States. It is an $8 billion multi national, with 80 branches in Brazil
  • Klaus Pavel, President of Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein (Chio), largest horse show in the world; Chairman of RNA Automation, an international manufacturing company based in Germany; Founder of FUNDACAO PAVEL, a large social project in Brazil caring for and educating children; Consul of the Federal Republic of Brazil. Mr. Pavel was brought up in Brazil
  • Chris Wall, Business Specialist for Brazil, UK Trade and Investment
  • Richard Taylor, CEO of Taylorenergies Business Development; Chairman of CleanStar Brasil Bioenergia Ltda; former President of BP in Brazil and founding Director of the International Business Academy for Development delivering executive education between the UK, Brazil & China

Boyden is proud to be able to present views ‘from the ground’ in Brazil and to spread the sense of opportunity and momentum that is so palpable across the country.

To read The Boyden Report: Brazil in its entirety, please click here to download the PDF.