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Boyden Chairman Discusses Global Expansion and C

Boyden chairman emphasizes global expansion and agility as keys to industry growth at executive search summit

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Leader of top global executive search firm focuses on emerging markets, “search without borders” and sharing best practices as executive world becomes smaller

NEW YORK – Trina Gordon, Chairman of Boyden World Corporation, a global leader in executive search, addressed industry leaders today on the importance of change as an opportunity as borders continue to drop and the world of executive search among clients and candidates becomes smaller. Ms. Gordon’s remarks on the theme of “Navigating Growth” were delivered at the Executive Search Summit, hosted by Kennedy Information at the Princeton Club in New York.

“For years, we’ve used ‘The War for Talent’ to make it simple to understand our profession,” said Ms Gordon. “But the war is not simple. Everything is changing everywhere at the same time. We and our clients are witness to unprecedented change on a global scale. The internet, globalization and explosive growth in emerging markets are shifting power and ownership.”

Highlights of Ms. Gordon’s remarks delivered at the conference include:

Change is Opportunity: “Change in executive search is a risk but the fact is we can no longer deny this change. So it’s time to shift from defense to offence and begin recognizing change brings opportunity. We need to become experts in change and to learn how—on behalf of our clients—to use change as a resource and to enable clients to turn risk into reward. Traditionally, we have been diligent in our efforts to align with our clients. Now we need to stay ahead of our clients to see in advance what is shifting.”

Navigating Rapid Globalization: “Everybody agrees that the complexity of executive search is increasing faster than we all first realized. Today, the complexity of engagements increases with globalization, where a client joint venture may involve two to three countries and candidates may be presented from four or five countries. Agility is our first requirement in this new world.” 

Executive Search is Shrinking: “The world of executive search is shrinking. We need to continue to recognize the broader pool of talent – the candidates that wouldn’t show up on traditional radar screens. For our clients, we need to give stronger consideration to candidates in emerging markets where opportunity for growth will be increasingly found. And we need to look harder at “high talent” and unique executives that might not fit a ‘traditional’ client profile yet have the ability to adapt to new sectors and new circumstances.”

“The world has become smaller but our job has inevitably become larger. There’s more to consider and farther to search,” added Ms. Gordon. “There is no ‘quiet place by the river’ ahead in executive search, but everyone knows there is enormous opportunity. There is only one strategy clients can count on. We need to continue to find great talent; resourceful leaders and world class board members. These are people who are capable enough, agile enough to turn change into growth and risk into reward in any market condition.” 

About Boyden World Corporation

Boyden is a global leader in the executive search industry with more than 70 offices in over 40 countries. Founded in 1946, Boyden specializes in high level executive search, Interim Management and Human Capital consulting across a broad spectrum of industries.  

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