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Boyden's Leadership Series Features Bladex's Jaime Rivera

CEO of Bladex reveals his views on the “coming of age” in Latin America, his bullish outlook for the coming decade and key points in his leadership style

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New York and Panama City, November 4, 2011 – Boyden, a global leader in executive search, today released its latest issue of the Boyden Leadership Series featuring an in-depth interview with Jaime Rivera, Director & CEO of Banco Latinoamericano de Comercio Exterior, S.A. (Bladex) (NYSE:BLX).

In the interview, Mr. Rivera discusses the impact of the Information Revolution on Latin America – a prospective super potent Americas trading bloc, his unconventional views on Chinese competition, opportunities for long-term growth, intangible qualities needed in executives and how becoming a pilot trained him to navigate risks on the ground.“Jaime’s insight on Latin America and his team’s unique understanding of the region’s integration in the global economy have built Bladex as a market leader and important resource for investors,” said Trina Gordon, President and CEO of Boyden World Corporation.

“Jaime’s vision, values and leadership are responsible for ensuring impressive results at Bladex,” said John Byrne, Managing Director of Boyden Santiago. “His stewardship of Bladex, combined with his understanding of growth opportunities in both Latin American and the financial sector are impressive.”  

Prior to taking the helm as Director & CEO of Bladex in 2004, Mr. Rivera served as COO of the Bank upon joining the company in 2002. Prior to this, he served in various capacities for Bank of America Corporation, both in the U.S. and across Latin America – in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Guatemala, Chile and Venezuela. He has also held Board positions with the Council of the Americas, the Florida International Bankers’ Association and the Latin American Agribusiness Development Corporation. Mr. Rivera is a member of the International Advisory Committee (IAC) to the Board of Directors of the NYSE Euronext.

The full interview with Mr. Rivera is available at

Previous issues of Boyden’s Leadership Series include interviews with Svein Rennemo, Chairman of Statoil, Albert Neupaver, President and CEO of Wabtec Corporation, Kristin Skogen Lund, Executive VP and Group Director of Telenor, Michael DeNoma, President and CEO of Chinatrust Commercial Bank, Sasha Bezuhanova, Hewlett Packard’s Director of Public Sector, Central and Eastern Europe; Brian Schipper, Head of Global HR for Groupon and former Senior VP of HR at Cisco; Ümran Beba, Region President for Asia Pacific for PepsiCo; David Gergen, Director of Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership and a former presidential advisor; Robert Reich, currently Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley and a former US Secretary of Labor; and James E. Lillie, CEO of Jarden Corporation. All are available on Boyden’s website.

About the Series

The Boyden Leadership Series is an ongoing publication that highlights the views of high-profile business leaders on issues relevant to leadership, management and talent acquisition. The series’ editors conduct interviews with heads of corporations and other key organizations across the globe to further growth and the exchange of ideas.

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