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TELETRANS selected the association formed between the companies "Boyden Global Executive Search" and "Choice Management & Consulting SRL", to supply specialty services for assisting in the recruitment and selection of the non-executive administrators for the Administrative Council.

For recruitment in accordance with OUG 109/2011 of non-executive administrators for the Society for Telecommunication Services and Information Technology for Electricity Transportation Networks “TELETRANS” S.A.

TELETRANS selected the association formed between the companies “Boyden Global Executive Search”and  „Choice Management & Consulting SRL”,  to supply specialty services for assisting in the recruitment and selection of the non-executive administrators for the Administrative Council.

TELETRANS  was  set  up  in  2002  and  is  the  branch  of  CNTEE  TRANSELECTRICA  specialized  in supplying services of IT & Tc for the mother company and for an important portfolio of clients at the national level, having centers and agencies throughout the country.  TELETRANS has certifications  of Quality  Management  System  according  to  the  requirements  of  standards  ISO  9001:2008,  the
Environmental Management System according to the requirements of the standard ISO 14001:2004, the Occupational Health and Safety Management System according to the requirements of standard OHSAS 18001:2007 and the Information Security at the Executive Level Management System, according to the requirements  of  standard  ISO/IEC  27001:2005.  The  turnover  in  2014  was  of  44.625.583  lei,  with  an
average number of employees of 231.

-  Only physical entities (no legal entities);
-  Minimum 5 years of professional experience;
-  University degree;
-  Experience  in  managing  processes  of  development,  organization,  financial  management  of companies having a social capital of over 50 million lei or 200 employees;
-  Business acumen specific for the company and the IT & Tc sector;
-  Experience in private and / or state companies
-  Fluent in Romanian and an international foreign language;
-  Knowledge  of  the  legislation  applicable  to  societies  (Law  nr.  31/1990  republished,  with  the modifications  and extensions, OUG nr. 109/2011  regarding the corporate governance of the public companies, with the modifications and extensions)

Recruitment and Selection Criteria
1. Education
-  Graduate  of  a  specialization  /  master  in  fields  such  as:  management/  marketing/  legal/ economic/technical / political science;
-  Additional studies (trainings, MBA, etc.), certifications;

2. Managerial profile
-  Competencies in the fields of technical/financial/ strategic planning / risk management /audit;
-  General management competencies;
-  Experience in the field of IT& Tc;
-  Personal  profile  (analytical  and  synthesizing  abilities,  adaptability  level,  decision  capacity, initiative, identifying opportunities, communication in a team and with stakeholders)

3. Managerial experience
-  Experience in local and / or international and / or state companies;
-  Minimum hierarchical level of top manager;
-  Type of role held (executive/non-executive)
-  Experience in relations with public authorities, authorities for reglementation and supervision;
-  Demonstrated strategic vision;  experience in managing programs of  development, operational  or financial management;
-  Interpersonal communication abilities.

4. Motivation
-  motivation for applying for such a role

Rules regarding the selection process:
-  At most 2 members can be selected from the area of public servants or other categories of personnel from  the  Ministry  of  Economy,  or  from  Transelectrica,  or  from  other  public  authorities  or institutions.
-  At  least  one  of  the  candidates  selected  has  to  have  a  minimum  of  3  years  experience  in  the company’s field of activity.
-  At least one of the members of the Administration Council has  to have an economic degree and experience in one of the fields of economics, accounting, audit or financial, of at least 5 years.
-  A person may have simultaneously maximum 5 mandates of administrator and / or member of the supervisory  council  in  companies  with  shareholders  /  public  having  their  headquarters  in  the territory of Romania.
-  It is mandatory in the process of candidate selection, to ensure avoiding situations of conflict of interests or incompatibilities.
-  The majority of the selected members of the Administration Council have to be made up of nonexecutive  administrators  and  independent  in  the  definition  given  in  art  138²  from  the  Law  nr. 31/1990.

Documents needed for submitting your application:
1.  Opis;
2.  Curriculum Vitae;
3.  „Technical offer”-  in which the candidate will detail the way in which he / she fulfils  each of the criteria mentioned in this selection announcement;
4.  At least 2 recommendation letters;
5.  Declaration on own responsibility regarding non-inclusion in situations of conflict of interest (Form no. 1);
6.  Declaration on own responsibility mentioning if the individual has or not the status of „independent” as defined in  Art. 138²  from  Law no. 31/1990  regarding commercial companies, republished with subsequent changes (Form no. 2).
7.  Declaration on own responsibility regarding the lack of penal and criminal conviction (Form no. 3);
8.  Declaration on own responsibility regarding the non-inclusion on the list containing the administrators whose mandate has been revoked for reasons attributable to them (Form no. 4);
9.  Valid certificate of clean criminal record
10.  Copy of identification document.

The applications and the documents required through this announcement will be sent / submitted with confirmation of receiving until the latest  27.08.2015,  at  16:00  (Bucharest time)  on paper, in  a sealed envelope,  on  which  will  be  mentioned:  „Procedure  for  recruitment  and  selection  for  a  position  of
member in the Administration Council at Teletrans, [first name and last name]”,
at the address  Teletrans in Bucharest, Platinum Center, Etaj 1, Str. Olteni nr. 2-4, Sector 3, RO-030786, România,  as well as in electronic format, at the email address apodoleanu@
Submitting on paper all documents for the application, as required in this selection ad, is mandatory. Any request for clarification will be sent to the email address
The  impossibility  to  send  on  paper,  in  the  above  mentioned  deadline,  of  all  the  required  documents, implies exclusion from the procedure of recruitment and selection. By sending the application, candidates implicitly agree that their personal data will be used in the process of recruitment and selection as stated.
TELETRANS reserves the right to interview only selected candidates and to stop the selection process at any time during the roll out of the procedure.
The selected candidates for the interview may be required to bring supplementary documents in which to demonstrate their experience or their professional status.
The candidates participating in the selection process will need to keep in mind that, after the selection process, the designation of members of the Administration Council is made by the company’s General Assembly of Shareholders, at the proposal of the shareholder Transelectrica S.A.

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