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Led by CEOs and senior management, company-wide reorientation of CRM strategies and full compliance are imperative for effective implementation

NEW YORK, March 7, 2018 – CEO and senior management leadership are critical to the success of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies, according to the Executive Monitor Report released today by Boyden.  

The report explores the challenges and opportunities associated with the implementation of a CRM strategy, addressing the following issues

Boyden's Executive Monitor report, The C-Suite: Evolving Client Relationship Management, discusses the progress of CRM across industries and sectors, emphasizing the critical role of executive leadership and endorsement. Though the entire company must align around CRM and engage with the tools, executives, particularly the CEO, CDO, CMO and CIO, must elevate and spearhead the initiative.

The report is supported by in-depth interviews with Boyden partners and executives including Desmond Edwards, Former Group Vice President of Digital Innovation of Bloomin' Brands and Alex Sabbag, Former Chief Marketing Officer of Swiss department store chain MANOR.

“CRM has wide implications across the company, bringing an element of operations and planning, touching accounting and finance, and revolutionizing marketing and sales. CRM is a discussion for the entire company,” said Doug Ehrenkranz, Managing Partner of Boyden United States and Americas Leader of the firm’s Consumer & Retail Practice.

The report also focuses on new opportunities and benefits to be gained from advancing CRM:

“Consistency and compliance are, in fact, prerequisites for a CRM program. The higher the rate of coherence, the faster the strategy will work and the deeper the insights will be,” explained Steve Nilsen, Partner of Boyden United States.

“It is vital that the C-suite lead the CRM efforts because it requires a re-examination of what information is necessary and how to predict for that,” added Allan Marks, Managing Partner of Boyden Australia and APAC Leader of the CEO and Board Services Practice. “Without being driven at that level, CRM implementation and compliance simply will not work.”


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