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Determining fact from fiction is harder than ever in a socially connected and digital world. Add to that a common global experience - like a pandemic - and we certainly have a lot to talk about!

Here in the executive recruitment and leadership business, we have heard plenty of fiction about how this year has impacted executive recruiting and organizational design. That’s why Boyden Executive Search is kicking off a new myth-busting series.

Over the coming weeks, we will be calling out the assumptions we are hearing and leverage our data, insights and experiences to validate or refute the facts. Each week, we will dive a little deeper into the topics below. Along the way, we welcome your questions, comments and any new topics you would like us to explore.  Let’s begin:

Myth: We could hire, but it’s not worth it when we can’t effectively onboard new remote team members.

In truthThe new normal is being defined as it relates to executive orientation in a pandemic world. Sure it might not be as simple, but forward-thinking organizations are embracing the opportunity to learn new approaches and Boyden is helping them navigate this unchartered territory. Most important is a team-based onboarding approach to keep the new leader engaged and productive and send a strong signal that the organization is taking the appointment seriously and is well organized.

In The New Essentials of Executive OnboardingBoyden Partner Nick Chambers explores how to to create an exceptional virtual experience:

Virtually onboarding a leader is a new process for many organizations but one that is increasingly necessary given office closures and travel restrictions resulting from COVID-19. That which was traditionally accomplished through face-to-face orientations, tours, tagging along to meetings, lunches, coffees, and impromptu check-ins requires a different approach when the leader lacks in-person access to their new colleagues.

An efficient and engaging experience for the new leader can be achieved by borrowing best practices from traditional onboarding, remote working, and even politics.

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