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Determining fact from fiction is harder than ever in a socially connected and digital world. Add to that a common global experience - like a pandemic - and we certainly have a lot to talk about!

Here in the executive recruitment and leadership business, we have heard plenty of fiction about how this year has impacted executive recruiting and organizational design. That’s why Boyden Executive Search is kicking off a new myth-busting series.

Over the coming weeks, we will be calling out the assumptions we are hearing and leverage our data, insights and experiences to validate or refute the facts. Each week, we will dive a little deeper into the topics below. Along the way, we welcome your questions, comments and any new topics you would like us to explore.  Let’s begin:

Myth: The borders are shut so cross-border executive hiring is a no-go.

Au contraire While closed borders have obviously made-in person interviews pretty much impossible, reaching into the US market to recruit top talent continues unabated. In fact, it looks like it might be on the rise if our clients are any indication. The pandemic has opened the eyes of Canadian employers to the possibility of successfully working with US-based executives remotely. If an employee can work remotely from Oakville, they can just as easily be based in Omaha or Orlando . Further, in this remote environment, the risk of turnover may be higher, but the implications of turnover are much lower if the executive departs.

We explore this issue– including requirements and considerations for employees based in remote jurisdictions – in an upcoming post.

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