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According to age criteria and top management, women are becoming top managers later than men in Turkey.

By Merve Yüceöz

By: Merve Yüceöz

Istanbul, 1st of September,2008 – The results of the research based on 16 European countries(Germany, Belgium,Czech Republic, Denmank, Finland, France, Netherlands, England, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Norway, Poland) including Turkey, made by Boyden Executive Search , one of the worldwide leading “Head Hunter” Company has been announced. The amount of women as managers is rising.

Women are getting more and more active in sectors known as dominated by men as manager such as Finance, Technology and Manufacturing. During this research one of the most important criteria was based on the age of the candidate between men and women.

The age of being a Top Manager is 40-45

The result of the global research shows that the average age interval of being a top manager is between 40 and 45. The youngest top managers are in Sweden. In Czech Republic, the age of being Top Manager for men is 37, for women that are 32. In Germany, France, Netherlands and Spain, managers as men are becoming top managers later than women, in opposition to Turkey where women are getting promoted as Managers later and older than Men.

Managing Partner of Boyden Turkey Özlem Ergün:

“%40 of our 30.000 candidates in Turkey are women”

The president of Boyden Turkey Özlem Ergün affirms that %40 of Boyden Turkey’s database consisting of 30000 candidates is composed of women. The share of women as top managers is consisting 10 percent of the 40 percent share of women. In 2007, the percentage of women assigned as managers was 20 among 56 executive assignments. This percentage has been raised up in 2008 to %50 percent among 32 executive assignments by now. 

“Women: Managers at home, managers in the business”

President of Boyden Turkey Özlem Ergün mentions that women as managers are more flexible and human-oriented. She also affirms: “We are trying to evaluate equally men and women during the assignment period, women can promote without any sacrifice at home. According to the analyze of the 16 European countries in 2007, the amount of women as managers has been divided to equal shares such as “singles”, “married women” and “mothers”.

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