Andy Dunne, Principal, Boyden UK, shares the key factors to consider to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is optimised effectively to reinforce your interim career.

By Andy Dunne

Once you have made the decision to become an interim management professional, one of the challenges is connecting with the right providers that align with your background and skill set. As a provider who is approached by a significant number of candidates on a regular basis, we understand that getting on the radar of the right decision-makers who are looking to appoint someone with your unique set of experience and skills as an Interim Executive or Interim Manager can sometimes be challenging. Alignment and networking are key, but in addition, with the increased exposure through professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, it is important that you also invest time in making sure your online profile is as carefully curated as your CV.

LinkedIn is a key channel, but can also be noisy and time-consuming if you don’t invest the appropriate time and careful positioning of your profile. You want to be contacted directly for interesting and challenging opportunities rather than roles that are not in line with your experience and expertise.  There are a number of key factors to consider to ensure your LinkedIn profile is optimised effectively to reinforce your interim career. I would like to share the advice I give to interim managers I meet who are newer to interim management to ensure they are showcasing their skills, experience and highlighting USPs:

‘About’ Section

Use this area to summarise your professional history, including your background, expertise, achievements and goals. You can also include your assignment deliverables and the completed projects that you’re most proud of. Make sure you are using terms that relate to both your industry and the interim market. In this section you will be able to swiftly share your contact details to anyone in your 1st tier of connections so they can reach out to you at pace.

Your LinkedIn Headline

This is the headline of text that appears directly below your name on your profile. This can be one of the quickest methods for someone to identify you as a professional career interim manager, so be sure to incorporate any interim job titles you have worked on previously. You can also use this feature to alert your network to your impending availability.

Your Photo

Having a photo increases your profile views by up to 21 times according to LinkedIn, as opposed to a profile without one. A professional headshot is the most appropriate photo to share.

Background Banner Image

Change your background to an image that is reflective of your market specialism. We at Boyden use our “Think Interim/ Think Boyden” statement but you could equally use an image that reflects the sector you work in such as Defence, Aerospace, or Cyber Security. 

Your Unique LinkedIn Profile URL

Utilise the facility of making it meaningful to you and your background. Either akin to your skillset, function or perhaps your name so that it is professional and easy to identify. My LinkedIn profile is which is clear and concise.

Featured Section

Consider tagging any of your popular blogs, articles and posts onto this section of your profile. Stand out from the crowd and show that you are a thought leader in your field by creating engaging content and using this very underused feature. To do this select the three-dot option on the top right of your post and select the star option to ‘feature at top of profile’.

Here is my profile overview, showing a clear headline, professional headshot, and a clear statement as to what I specialise in on my banner image.


LinkedIn is not there to replace the key networks you have with providers and your own professional personal networks, but it is a supplementary resource that should be carefully thought through and managed. 

The key message from the Institute of Interim Management in the 2021 IIM Survey around LinkedIn is: Be Contactable. With results showing that 70.1% of assignments were via an Interim Service Provider in the past 12 months, building your specific and tailored network is more crucial now than ever. 

At Boyden, we have an unrivalled history of working with Interim Management professionals to support the growth, change, and transformation agendas of numerous organisations. We pride ourselves on our skill of matching the best interim leaders to exciting opportunities and assignments.  

If you wish to discuss interim management opportunities with Boyden, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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