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How COVID-19 Has Shaped Swiss Businesses: A Report Published in Partnership by Boyden, Futureworks, Information Factory, and Küng Strategy Consulting

In the ‘Leading Transformation Report 2020’, published today, Swiss leaders assess their performance in handling the acute phase of the Covid 19 crisis as effective. Six out of ten leaders state that their team has emerged stronger from the crisis. Furthermore, the crisis has brought three issues into direct focus: digitalisation, new customer acquisition and customer-centricity. The urgency to respond to these issues is high. Several factors are necessary to efficiently move forward.

Open Mindset To Identify Opportunities
Swiss leaders evaluate their own management during the acute phase of the Covid-19 crisis as positive. In the longer term, they view the adaptation of the internal organisation and culture as the top challenge.

Digitalisation As A Bridge Between Stakeholders
More than 70% of business leaders say that they want to push digitalisation further in order to bridge the distance between location-independent teams and customers.

Customer Focus For Increased Relevance
Almost every second manager experienced a change in the behaviour of their customers during the crisis. Around a third of companies responded by developing new services and products. In addition, more than half of the managers stated that they would include customer needs in strategic decisions next year.

About The Report
The ‘Leading Transformation Report 2020’ is based on an online survey conducted in the summer of 2020, in which 428 Swiss respondents from various industries participated. Four companies are behind the report: Boyden Executive Search, Futureworks, Information Factory and Küng Strategy Consulting.

Full Report (in German) Available Here: Leading Transformation Report 2020.

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