Meet 2016's Rising Stars of the Oil and Gas Industry

Every year, Oilweek highlights the trailblazers unafraid of challenging industry’s status quo and forging a new path for oil and gas. That’s what makes a Rising Star, and for this year’s class, a rock-bottom price is nothing but a chance to make the sector better than ever.

Whether it’s negotiating with a doubtful landowner, changing the industry’s tone on climate action or searching unexpected places for the next great oil exec, this year’s class of Rising Stars never hides from a challenge.


Morgan Campbell
Associate Partner, Boyden

Morgan knows that having the right people in the top jobs is crucial for any industry to evolve and innovate—even more so in a downturn. By finding those ideal candidates for countless oil and gas executive teams, he’s helping shape the industry’s path forward from the inside.


Kim Lindsay
Manager of Land Operations, Britt Land Services

Kim set out from Ontario more than 10 years ago to become a paramedic in Alberta but ended up finding her footing in the fast-paced, challenging field of land brokering. Now, with her dynamic energy and exuberance, she is helping champion a culture of community support and volunteerism at Britt Land, a key to the company’s success.


John Pantazopoulos
VP of Finance and CFO, Tangle Creek Energy

Though he’s already the co-founder and current CFO of a successful junior oil and gas producer, John’s aiming for his first build-and-sell triumph. Tangle Creek might be just that, but first it needs to weather this downturn. John isn’t letting fate dictate his company’s course; instead, he’s actively working with CAPP to help industry come out swinging on the other side.


Angela Thompson
Director of Regulatory, Environment and Land, Gemini

With a strong work ethic fostered on the basketball court and a natural sense of leadership as the eldest sibling in a single-parent family, Angela isn’t afraid to show up as herself. That confidence and her successful push to grow Gemini’s regulatory and environment department have made her a trusted consultant in the oil and gas industry.


Chelsie Klassen
Manager of Media Relations, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

From once negotiating tricky land deals in northern Alberta to now representing industry on the world stage at COP21, Chelsie never stops advocating for oil and gas—clearly and confidently. She’s tackling negative perceptions head-on and working to change the face of energy by appealing to the public in fresh and innovative ways with solid facts and grounded reasoning.


Laura Weeden
Account Manager of Drilling Services, Baker Hughes

Laura’s been working tirelessly to educate Quebec’s energy regulators and public interest groups on both the technical and environmental dimensions of drilling and establish a positive oil and gas presence in the province. Through that initiative and her work with the Girl Guides of Canada, she’s also inspiring and empowering the next generation of girls to explore their own potential.


Matthew Goegan
Manager of Cost Control and Project Performance, Enbridge

Matthew cast off his father’s shadow at Canadian Pacific Railway to chart his own waters and build a successful career in oil and gas. But what he’s truly passionate about is the human element of business, and he’s driven to help those with untapped potential by providing them with opportunities to shine.


SOURCE: This article originally appeared in Oilweek.  For the full article, photographs, and videos, click here.

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