Case Study

Resourcing Programme Director

A review and development of the Resourcing Programme for a UK Insurer

By Richard Plaistowe

The Client

Our client was a UK based Insurance Company

The Challenge

The organisation had recently announced a major transformation programme, which would include shutting their longstanding head office location, restructuring the business to close and sell some business lines and establishing new regional locations. It was important that through this programme there would be no loss of output if employees could not relocate, in which case a high volume of replacement employees might need to be hired.

The Solution

The key parts of the recruitment process were identified, including demand planning, candidate attraction, selection and assessment and recruitment & interview training for hiring managers, with a project manager appointed for each workstream.

All the existing processes were identified and mapped out to ensure they were fit for purpose for the new organisational structure and if not, new ones were created.

It was important to ensure that key roles remained filled prior to and post the relocation; and the existing workforce was surveyed to help identify where gaps would arise due to incumbents not wishing to relocate so key positions could be prioritised.

Hiring managers were given training and resources to ensure they could assess and recruit the best talent available.

As part of the aim to streamline hiring, it was decided to invest in new recruitment technology solutions. This resulted in a tender process being put in place to identify and adopt the best systems to suit the business’s unique requirements.

The Results

The business was able to close their existing head office location and relocate their teams to regional locations across the UK.

A decision was reached to allow key workers the opportunity to work remotely if they were not prepared to relocate, thereby reducing the number of hires required in the short term.

A project team of talent acquisition specialists was brought in to ensure that recruitment of key roles was completed prior to the final closure of the head office and relocation of existing employees.

Subsequently an outsourced recruitment provider was appointed to manage day to day hiring.

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