The Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre President and CEO recruitment is led by Boyden's Healthcare Practice Experts Pamela Colquhoun and Jim Stonehouse

By Rick Vanderlinde, Toronto Star

Written by Rick Vanderlinde. This article was originally published by Toronto Star. Click here to view the original article.

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) won’t be the same without her.

After more than 17 years as the unwavering leader of Barrie’s ever-expanding hospital, CEO and president Janice Skot will retire in June 2022.

“Working alongside a visionary board of directors, exceptional senior team and leaders, skilled physicians, compassionate volunteers and a supportive community, we grew RVH into a formidable regional health centre,” Skot said.

“I’m so proud of all we’ve accomplished together.”

Under her tenure, RVH introduced a variety of specialized services such as cancer, cardiac and child and youth mental health, not previously available to residents throughout the region.

Skot joined RVH in September 2004 and built a reputation for putting patients first during unprecedented growth.

Skot said she is most proud of the culture built at RVH during her leadership role by focusing on patient experience through a leadership excellence strategy that was recognized by the Institute of Public Administration of Canada.

“As I reflect on my time at RVH, the decade-long focus on improving and aligning our organizational culture, and the resulting positive impact on the patient and family experience, was the most challenging, yet rewarding, achievement of my career,” Skot said. “I know that focus on patients is the compass that guides Team RVH every day.”

Skot’s personal touch was well-known and appreciated by patients and staff, RVH board of directors Charlotte Wallis said.

“Under Janice’s leadership, RVH more than doubled in size and workforce, yet whenever we walk through the health centre, she stops many times to speak with staff, physicians and volunteers,” Wallis said. “She makes a point of remembering their names and details about their families and hobbies. That personal connection is very important to Janice.”

The Board of Directors CEO Search Committee has hired Boyden Canada, a leading executive recruitment firm, to initiate a national search for a new president and CEO.

“This is a key time for RVH as we seek approvals for our capital plan, including the North and South Campus,” Wallis said. “Janice has laid a strong foundation and we will search for a dynamic, visionary individual.”

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