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The Boyden Report: Latin America gives the region a rare chance to tell its own story.  The diversity of Latin America, and the complexity of its history, politics and culture, has made commentators reluctant to analyse the commercial landscape in regional terms.  Until now.

Welcome to the third edition of The Boyden Report, a quarterly series designed to provide a deeper understanding of the global market for talent.

At Boyden, we work closely with global companies to craft their executive strategy. But that strategy must be continuously re-evaluated. What works in one region may not be effective in another. Each market has its own management dynamics.

The Boyden Report is designed to help you navigate this complexity in the ever-changing global market for talent. Each report will provide you with the context to make sustainable strategic decisions about your executive team.

This third report marks the first time we have extended our research into multiple markets across a region. As a result, we can explore the dynamics of businesses throughout Latin America, where most markets lack the critical mass required for indigenous growth. Local companies have consequently been compelled to create business models and solutions unique to the region, as well as a specific skill-set for executive success.

The region that we cover in this report includes Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and Brazil (itself the focus of an upcoming Boyden Report). These economies, previously dominated by foreign multinationals, are now seeing the gradual emergence of their own corporate giants. The leaders of these multi-latinas have developed a suite of skills necessary to succeed and grow businesses in Latin American markets, transforming both the commercial landscape and the profile of successful leaders of multinational organisations.

The diversity of Latin America, and the complexity of its history, politics and culture, has made commentators reluctant to analyse the commercial landscape in regional terms. t has therefore become better known for its tourist delights, artistic talent and cultural contribution to the world, rather than its commercial prowess.

Boyden, therefore, braves new territory in revealing Latin America's commercial story. And what a story it is: the capabilities of executives in the region have led to the creation of impressive 'home-grown' companies such as Embraer, VALE< Gerdau, Natura, CSN Sabó, Marcopolo, LAN Airlines, América Móvil, Cencosud, Grupo Techint, Arcor and Cemex –all major players o the world stage.

But it is not just about the big names. Latin America is seeing a steady rise in local and regional companies that have triumphed over the hurdles of the past and are redefining Latin America's prospects for the future. At present, global economic turmoil is the new challenge for executives in Latin America. Having already faced debt and currency crises, volatile commodity prices and other upheavals in the recent past, Latin American executives can draw upon their experience and agility to navigate through these difficult times.

We sincerely thank the leaders of the multi-latinas and multinational organisations across Latin America who participated in our research, sharing their insights on growing businesses based, or operating in the region. They have given Latin America a rare chance to tell its own story. These individuals are listed in the Appendix at the end of this report.

Chris Clarke
President and CEO,
Boyden World Corporation

John Byrne
Managing Director
Boyden Chile

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