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Human resources executives and their growing role within the C-suite are the focus of this interview with Daniel Grassi of Boyden United States.

What defines a great HR executive today?

Grassi: A great HR executive is a proven confidante to the C-suite and brings a business perspective to the function. He or she has a “seat at the table,” and helps develop and implement key strategic initiatives for the company.

What do you find is the difference between a good HR executive and a great HR executive?

Grassi: The great HR executive not only brings the HR experience, but also an understanding of the organization’s business, how it works, and what it needs to be successful from both talent and business perspectives.

Where do you see the biggest challenges for HR leaders or what’s the hardest part of their job?

Grassi: One of the biggest challenges facing HR leaders is the ability to match the talent demanded by the various hiring executives and the cultural sensitivities of the corporation. Relevant experience is obviously important, but cultural chemistry is imperative.

A companion piece to Leadership Series, The Boyden View puts the spotlight on in-house experts from Boyden offices around the world, who share their perspectives on issues relevant to the current edition of Leadership Series.

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