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Boyden is pleased to share the appointment news of Amy Coupal 

Message from Board Chair, Janet Beed: 

May 23, 2019   On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Amy Coupal as Chief Executive Officer of The Ontario Caregiver Organization (TOCO). Amy will be transitioning in to her role in the coming weeks and fully ensconced by July. This is an exciting step in the evolution of TOCO as we further develop supports and connections to best serve caregivers in Ontario.

A not for profit and education leader for more than 15 years, Amy’s unique experience of mobilizing change through knowledge sharing, as well as her experience building new partnerships, collaborations and initiatives, will help caregivers access support regardless of their loved one’s condition, age or where they live. A caregiver herself, Amy is excited to embrace the opportunity to enhance the caregiving experience by empowering caregivers with information, bridging silos and contributing to system reform.

Under Amy’s leadership, TOCO will amplify and expand the excellent programs already available to caregivers, as well as build new and innovative supports to address their needs, without duplicating what is already being done. I am proud of what we have accomplished since TOCO’s inception and am excited about this next chapter of growth under Amy’s leadership.

As you know, caregivers provide three quarters of all patient care and they want to continue to provide that care, but they need help. Caregivers told us they need: help navigating the system; education and training on how to be a caregiver; and support that addresses their own mental health needs. With system reform underway, we need to harness the dedication and energy of caregivers, as well as partnerships with health and service agencies, employers and the community at large so caregivers have the support they need.

We look forward to partnering with caregivers, community agencies, and health and service providers who share in our passion to improve the caregiving experience in our province. Please join me in welcoming Amy to the Ontario Caregiver Organization. I am confident we are well positioned to make a tremendous impact on the caregiving experience in our province.

Janet Beed
Board Chair

Source: Ontario Caregiver 

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