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In this interview, we sit down with Jamie Davies to learn his reasons for joining Boyden UK's interim team and how being a former rugby player helps achieve long-term success in the recruitment industry.

By Jamie Davies
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Boyden: You have recently joined the Boyden UK interim team, what was it about Boyden that attracted you to the business?

Jamie: In all honesty it was a really easy decision. Boyden has a strong reputation on a global basis at an executive level. In my past career I always strived for excellence, competing at the highest level possible, much like many executive leaders. In my opinion leadership and performance go hand in hand.

The Boyden Annual Assembly last year hit very close to home for me, the focus was about agility in every phase of play, whether this was on the pitch or in the board room. I could relate to the message and content of the event, providing one of the many reasons as to why I knew Boyden would be a good fit for me.

Boyden: How does a professional rugby career help you be an effective talent partner to your executive network?

Jamie: There are many transferrable skills, many of the skills required as a professional sports person are the same skills that make executive leaders successful. Both being a professional sportsperson and being successful in business require discipline, structure and the ability to analyse and make quick decisions in pressured environments, sometimes taking risks. Ultimately a business and a sports team are working as a team towards a common goal or target.

It has proved quite an easy transition for me albeit rather daunting at first, but as soon as I realised the similarities, it just felt natural. In my latter stages of my playing career I took a more senior position and formed part of the senior leadership playing team. This meant I was responsible for ensuring our strategy, behaviours and values were being adhered to by the team.

I am no longer surprised to see how many former rugby players achieving success in business.

Boyden: How does that experience lend itself to your current focus and what will you bring to the role?

Jamie: Boyden is a people focused service industry, being able to communicate and build relationships with people from all works of life is imperative. My ability to work collaboratively and effectively is what has helped me be successful since I changed career and I hope to continue to build upon this further.

Boyden: What were you doing in your last role?

Jamie: Over the last couple of years, I have worked with many big companies on their digital transformation agenda’s. I am always interested in how performance can be improved, whether this be as an individual, as a team or as a company. From what I have seen so far, technology enables new ways of working but having the right people in a business when it is going through change is critical. I have really enjoyed helping businesses identify leaders who have enabled change and performance improvement.

Boyden have published some interesting articles on the impact of technology and digital when it comes to the differing skills required in future leadership teams. It is not a surprise that we see new job titles appearing every day, with some suggesting the CEO’s righthand person will move from the Chief Financial Officer to the Chief Digital Officer. I personally find the digital changes within all businesses really interesting, and this is something I hope to do more of here at Boyden.

I have been trained to reach peak performance. This requires the right nutrition, discipline, healthcare and mental state. If you take Rugby as an example, the game has become a business, our diet, training and stats are constantly managed and measured. I am really interested in how digital transformation will allow businesses to more quickly monitor and change performance.

Everyone knows that the most successful digital agendas are those that have the full support of the Executive Leadership team, having a clear and concise vision, and driving the right behaviours is what leads to success.

I want to work with businesses who want to build teams to help them hit their peak performance.

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