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Özlem Ergün discusses improvements that have been achieved in providing equal opportunities for women when compared to the past.

How long have you been doing this job?

Mrs. Ergün has been in this business for over 20 years. Since the founding of Boyden Turkey 12 years ago, more than 300 senior executives have been placed with major national and international companies.

Can you please tell us a bit more about executive search business?

“Our clients are leading national and international companies.  When we are retained to fill an executive position we make sure that we find the right executive. Each project is nearly  complete when we present our short list of qualified candidates. We make sure that there is diversity in our candidate lists.”

Mrs. Ergün states that she has three goals in her professional life; to do her job right and make money; to find the best suitable candidate for the position; and to give equal opportunities to women.

Do you think that there should a quota for women in higher positions?

“I strongly believe there must be a quota.” Mrs. Ergün gives the example of Norway which put a quota and increased the number of female managers and politicians.  She believes that women deserve equal opportunities in their business and social life.  She suggests that in Turkey women do not start with the same equal chances as men do. So Mrs. Ergün works hard to put forth candidates to clients on equal terms.

“In Europe, Mediterranean and Eastern European countries are more conservative regarding female executives in senior positions. However this is changing quite rapidly.”

Mrs. Ergün thinks that more strong, innovative and multi- skilled women are needed to continue to improve women’s position in life and in business. She was raised in a family with many women.  All of these women were working and producing. Her family always supported her education and working life. At school she was taught to be a democratic, strong, egalitarian and leader and she was also taught to read, to think, to question and to work.

Özlem Ergün Discusses Opportunities for Women Executives in Turkey

Mrs. Ergün, Managing Director of Boyden Turkey, shares her views on the challenges and opportunities that women face in achieving equality in business and life in Turkey.


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