Boyden Executive Search

Sector and Cross-Sector Coverage

Boyden Interim Management arbeitet mit PE- und VC-gesicherten Unternehmen, nationalen und internationalen Kunden, einschließlich KMUs, mittelständischen Unternehmen, Sociétés Anonymes, FTSE100-, CAC40- und DAX30-Unternehmen.

We meet clients' interim needs at different levels within the organisation, and operate primarily at the C-suite and executive levels.

Sector Expertise

Cross-Sector Expertise

The modern interim manager is much more than someone filling a gap at short notice. While this is often a requirement, the needs of our clients typically involve transforming or at least improving the status quo in the business. We work closely with our executive search colleagues to provide a seamless service and create the right environment into which our clients can hire a long-term successor to an interim manager.