Executive Brief

Chief Operating Officer
Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)

February 2021

Position Description

Going forward, CIRA will continue to deliver on its number one priority, the safe, stable, and secure operation of the .CA domain, while continuing to develop its flourishing cybersecurity, DNS, and registry services. In short, CIRA is doubling down on its decision to become a multi-service organization is necessary to ensure the organization’s long-term sustainability. Doing so will require a new cross disciplinary leader, capable of powering a line-of-business structure.

Titled Chief Operating Officer (COO), this role will consolidate finance, market-facing, corporate services and shared technology resources, creating a multi-disciplinary team with a mission to enable 4 lines of business:

Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the new COO will harness synergies created by this consolidation fueling innovation, continuity, and efficiency. Doing so will require a senior operations manager with a proven track of success leading not just a shared services organization, but rather a fully faceted team that has championing top-line revenue and the bottom line. The role will truly require both a “left and right brain” mindset. 

The Role

Together with the CEO, the Chief Operating Officer will be responsible for enabling the execution of the strategic plan at CIRA.  The COO will provide the leadership, management capability, and vision necessary to ensure that CIRA delivers through:

Key Roles and Responsibilities

The Ideal Candidate

The COO is a results-driven, dynamic, and proactive technology executive with deep financial acumen complimented by significant exposure to and comfort in software product development and software engineering settings.


Experiences and Competencies

Personal Characteristics


The Position is based in Ottawa, ON.

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