DEI Approach & Track Record

Professionals from underrepresented groups often lack certain visibility and experiences due not to their own limitations, but to social and systemic biases that have blocked their path. This is one way in which diversity is stymied, to the detriment of hiring organizations as well as to aspiring leaders.

Sourcing a diverse pool of candidates requires discipline, commitment, knowledge, empathy, and a thoughtful and equitable approach. We choose to challenge and address the narrow paths to leadership by actively disrupting bias within and with our clients through the following methods and principles:

We measure and track our progress.

*All three of our tracked performance statistics are well above national executive statistics.

We adopt a clear approach to DEI that applies to all aspects of the recruitment process. This includes:

We hold ourselves accountable and embrace the learning journey.

We contribute to the solution through community outreach and action.

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