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Desarrolle una relación con Boyden y sea tenido en cuenta para nuevas oportunidades registrando su experiencia profesional en nuestra base de datos mundial.

Declaration of Consent

I am interested in having Boyden and one or more Boyden offices, consider my suitability for employment opportunities and where appropriate, submit information about me to potential employers. Accordingly, I agree as follows:

Consent. I hereby authorize Boyden to process data about me that I provide or that is collected from publicly accessible sources (such as websites) or third parties ("Personal Data") and consent to the following processing activities for the purpose of providing me with employment opportunities:

  • Collect and process personal data such as name, business and private contact data, résumé, qualifications, skills, financial compensation where permitted by local law, testimonials, certifications, records of interviews and assessments, personal interests, hobbies, background checks and all other information you choose to share with us.
  • Share my Personal Data with Boyden offices worldwide;
  • and Transfer my Personal Data to prospective employers worldwide selected by Boyden for their review and processing in connection with possible employment opportunities.
  • Communicate with me about job or career related topics via e-mail or telephone.

A full list of Boyden offices as of today is provided here. I understand that new offices may join Boyden and I agree that my Personal Data may be shared with new offices as long as the new offices have entered into EU Standard Contractual Clauses and committed themselves to the internal Boyden privacy and data collection policies.

Confidentiality of information from Boyden. I commit myself to keep strictly confidential all verbal or written information regarding employment opportunities provided to me by Boyden for five years from the disclosure of such information, unless such information is known to the public by other means than a breach of my confidentiality obligations.

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