Canada’s leading edge business event

Dates: 21 May 2024 - 23 May 2024

Location: Montréal, QC and Online

Named the best conference several years running, C2 Montréal is more than a conference. C2 combines progressive and inspiring content in a highly creative, festival-like setting that will blow your mind. At C2, guests transform into active participants who aren’t afraid to dive right in. C2 is for business leaders who want to lead the pack.

C2 Montréal meaningfully connects people and organizations from diverse backgrounds, fields and industries in order to drive development in all its forms. They believe that society is at the heart of business. Which is why they put people’s stories and perspectives at the centre of the conversation.  

They look straight in the eyes of the issue, they name the elephant in the room.

Each day of C2 focuses on a theme they believe has to be addressed in today's world. From surprising perspectives and with humour and courage, each day looks at what’s happening now that will most affect the future.

Day 1 - Experiential + Immersive 

Day 2 - Innovation + Sustainability 

Day 3 - AI + Commerce 

2024 speakers include Boyden's Roger T. Duguay, Indy JoharMandy Gull-MastyAndres NaftaliAaron PowersRon GoldenbergNuha Siddiqui and more.

Details can be found here:

On May 23, Boyden's Roger T. Duguay will join the C2 as leadership moderator for an AI GENERATIONS discussion alongside Sandra Rodriguez, digital artist, XR-AI,  Nicolas Nova, anthropologist explorare, HEAD, and Kai Goodall, Activator, The Knowledge Society

Gen-Xers, Millennials, and Gen-Z (and Gen-alpha!) have all already lived through profound technological changes. The internet, social media, and now, AI is poised to change how we live and work. Our past experiences both good and bad will shape how we’ll approach the next big change. So how do different generations think about AI? What’s common and what’s different? Are there monsters to slay and myths to shake off before we can understand the huge changes happening now and act to shape a better future?

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