Examining the evolution of cybersecurity, the role of the Chief Information Security Officer has expanded into a multifaceted function amidst advancing technology and escalating threats, highlighting five crucial areas of focus.

By Paul Dennis
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As the old saying goes, “it’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future”, however it would be hard to find many leaders today who predict their businesses using less technology or being less dependent on data in the future.  

Businesses anticipate capturing great rewards from the emerging technology revolution, driven in large part by huge advancements in AI.  Yet, as leaders gear up to realize productivity gains, deeper levels of customer insights, and tighter levels of automated compliance and controls, they do so against a landscape of increasingly sustained and sophisticated cyber-security threats.  Moreover, most leaders face heightened scrutiny over cyber exposure from management committees and boards. 

Forward-thinking organizations have long recognized the strategic importance of data security and the office of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).  As the threats and opportunities evolve, so does the scope of the CISO role.  While in the past, the office held one major responsibility, to keep the company safe from a cyber-breach, today’s information security leaders must play at least five critical and distinct roles:

Data security will be one of the most critical enablers of growth across the next business cycle.  Companies poised to reap the greatest success will be those with the leadership vision to capture the benefits of emerging technology while continuously evolving their approach to data security.  It is therefore imperative this valuable asset is both monetized and safeguarded, just like any other form of business-critical intellectual property. 

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