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Exploring adaptivity through strategy and talent

Today’s complex landscape demands adaptive, empathetic leaders, who accelerate decision-making to navigate opportunity and mitigate risk.

We live in a world where the extent and pace of change has driven leaders to ask extraordinary things of themselves and the people in their organisations. 

Climate change, the pandemic, historic energy costs and AI’s coming of age. All these changes are happening simultaneously and what would previously have been a ‘black swan’ event has become business as usual.

Drawing on findings from Boyden’s survey of over 1000 executives across industries and geographies, we explore the impact of economic disruption as leaders and their teams operate in dual timeframes, balancing near-term volatility with longer-term strategies to preserve value and generate growth.

In Boyden's 2023 report, Exploring Adaptivity Through Strategy and Talent, our findings indicate adaptive leaders and organisations are moving beyond resilience to championing a new future on the front foot. Boards, leaders and their teams are energised by growth opportunities in sustainability, embracing new digital tools and working in ways that are more closely connected. The organisation is defined by the collective capabilities of its people – agile, flexible and responsive to the evolving needs of customers, consumers and the world we live in.

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