Case Study

From Strategy to Execution: HR Transformation in Action

Interim HR Strategy Officer makes a notable impact on market development within Germany‘s fiercely competitive engineering labor market.

By Georg Larch

The Client

Boyden's client is an international engineering, architecture and management consultancy with over 18,000 experts worldwide, including 1,000 in Germany. They specialize in developing sustainable solutions and assisting commercial enterprises and the public sector in transitioning to a sustainable future.

The Challenge

At the onset of the project, the German company had 780 employees. The goal was to maximize market potential in Germany, aiming to employ 2,500 people by 2025. The expanison in the workforce aimed to further solidify the service company's global footprint.

By employing "knowledge experts" across various locations in Germany, the company had already begun  driving growth in two parallel directions through acquisitions (inorganic) and recruitment (organic).

Due to its previous growth experience, which was reflected in a workforce of over 750 employees, the company found itself in need of more strategic and organizational management support from the HR function. The previous holder of the position was unable to fulfill this additional requirement and provide the necessary expertise.

The Solution 

Before appointing a permanent HR manager with the necessary expertise, the decision was made to onboard an interim HR Strategy Officer. They were tasked with immediately and decisively initiating the transformation of the HR department.

The Results

The Interim HR Strategy Officer accomplished several key objectives within a brief timeframe:

In summary, the project yielded the following outcomes:

These achievements rehabilitated the HR department's reputation and performance, fostering trust and effective cooperation with the HR corporate division.


During the Interim assignment, long-awaited projects were successfully completed, and the HR function‘s performance and service level were enhanced to align with growth.

Through a shift in the company’s self-perception, professionalization of HR processes, increased accountability and team expansion, the mandate led to a fundamental and sustainable improvement in HR function and performance.

In figures:

The successor inherited a 22% larger workforce, supported by a team that was strengthened by 40%. Budgeting and project planning, including project financing, could be continued on a solid foundation. The Interim HR Strategy Officer received excellent references from our Boyden client.


Thirteen months post-completion- the transferred function continues to operate at peak performance.

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