What Does the Lifecycle of a Boyden Interim Project Look Like?

A step by step guide of how hiring an interim through Boyden works.

Interim Executives are typically appointed within a two week timeframe, but when there are extenuating circumstances an interim executive can be appointed in 24-48 hours.

The duration is based on need and can be anywhere from four weeks to 18 months. Sometimes an interim will be hired to provide a diagnostic consultant service which then leads to more work, but often our interim executives are hired to help present ideas and solutions to business challenges. Once we have clarified the brief with our clients, we begin to search within our already proven portfolio of interim executives.

We have a robust and highly efficient process for sourcing and placing our interim executives:

Throughout the assignment, we stay in regular contact with the interim executive and the client to monitor progress and performance through our proven reporting system. When the assignment draws to a close, we meet with the client and the interim executive to ensure a smooth handover and transfer of knowledge, and to review relevant insights gained through the experience on both sides.

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