Boyden Executive Survey

Talent-led transformation in a post-pandemic world: Asia-Pacific

How can global business leaders deliver on ambitions of growth and reinvention?


Respondents in Asia-Pacific are distinguished by their sharper focus on global capabilities, experience and mindset, reflecting a quest to understand fast-paced shifts and opportunities in the global economy.

The need for a different, more wide-ranging matrix of skills on the board calls for a comprehensive strategic review, as well as a full board assessment, while recruitment concerns prompt questions around talent pipelines, recruitment and retention strategies.

From our research, the consumer & retail sector is arguably the most progressive and forward looking, while the industrial sector is grappling with change, how to identify the right leaders and retain talent. Professional services is particularly bullish, but in need of a comprehensive review of talent and recruitment to take advantage of market opportunities.

As business leaders enter their third year of Covid-based disruption, with all the associated pressure on leadership capabilities and personal stamina, ‘self-leadership’ has never been more important. Modelling self-preservation to colleagues is paramount, as is leaning on external partners who have the expertise and dedication to clients to help deliver talent-led transformation.

Report Contributors

Meet our Boyden discussion participants from across Asia-Pacific:

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