In a gig economy, we have gig leaders. So how are they different? And why do our clients depend on them?

By Nick Robeson
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In a gig economy, we have gig leaders. So how are they different? And why do our clients depend on them?

These are big questions.

In my previous blog I highlighted Neil Grant’s book ‘Rise of the Gig Leaders’. He provides answers to these and many other questions, exploring the vital role interim leaders play in today’s organisations.

Interim leaders are not temps, they are not freelancers, they are not employees: they are a distinct and increasingly relevant cadre of professionals.

The term ‘Gig Leader’ provides the universal tag for this army of highly competent and immediately accessible senior-level talent.

Why do businesses depend on them so much?

Interim leaders used to be a distress purchase to cover a crisis or a leadership gap.

Today, the challenges companies face are in the sweet spot for interim leaders: business transformation, operational efficiency, change management and strategic realignment is where they flourish.

Interim Leaders supplement the leadership needs of an organisation for a defined need, during a set period of time, providing a level of expertise perhaps beyond regular hiring budgets. They are brought in at short notice to address complex challenges and leave the organisation revitalised.

Moreover, there is evidence to suggest that a gig leader can drive through more substantial change and provide a greater return on investment than a permanent employee.

Neil describes them in his book as nimble, savvy, adept leaders who deliver results. They are decision makers, they must be experts functionally, able to quickly win hearts and minds, assimilate huge amounts of data and cultural cues, while continuing to learn.

Rise of the Gig Leaders is the definitive work on how to understand, access and benefit from Interim Leaders. It is ideal for directors facing major challenges, aspiring interim leaders and talent management professionals.

As Neil says, ‘An interim has a skill set that is incredibly well developed and intensely valuable for organisations’.

Boyden has one of the most established teams in providing interim leaders to start ups, PLCs and other growth organisations. We would be delighted to discuss what our interim leaders can do for you. For more on Boyden Interim Management click here.

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