Executive Brief

Chief Executive Officer
Research and Productivity Council (RPC)

July 2022

Chief Executive Officer

Position Description

RPC is seeking an exceptional leader as its next CEO to lead a skilled team during a period of exciting organizational growth, innovative opportunities, and economic impact.

Located in Fredericton and reporting to the Board of Directors, the CEO is the most senior administrator, responsible for providing strategic leadership and direction to the organization. The CEO is responsible for developing and executing a growth agenda that will allow RPC to reach its full potential while ensuring financial sustainability and growth. The CEO's overall mandate includes management oversight, responsibility for long-term planning, program development, quality assurance, sound fiscal management, effective internal and external communications, execution of the organization’s strategic goals, and building and maintaining a collaborative work environment and team.

As head of this Crown corporation, the CEO represents RPC in national forums related to research, technology, and the economy. The CEO spearheads business development and builds exceptional partnerships and relationships with all stakeholder groups in all sectors including staff, government, industry, academia, and other partners.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Planning & Strategy Development
  • Assists the Board in defining and articulating the organization's vision and mission, while developing strategies for achieving that vision and mission;
  • Facilitates the effective operation of the Board of Directors by planning meetings, providing timely 
  • information, analysis of risks and opportunities, and implementing decisions of the Board;
  • Creates annual business and operational plans that support the strategic direction set by the Board and correlates those plans with the annual operating budget;
  • Champions, directs and leads the implementation of the approved Business and Strategic Plan for RPC;
  • Leads multi-year strategic planning and budgeting exercises aimed at achieving defined objectives; and
  • Leads the authoring and preparation of RPC's annual report for Board approval.
Organizational Performance and General Management
  • Develops future leadership within the organization and drives strategic change within the organization;
  • Ensures the Executive Team develops work plans that support the strategic direction of the organization’s business;
  • Establishes clear communication with employees about performance expectations;
  • Provides general management oversight and oversees the work of the Executive Team (COO, CSO, Controller and Director of HR), to ensure the organization is managed according to its legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Promotes a culture that reflects the organization's values, encourages great performance and rewards productivity; and
  • Supports the Executive Team in regular evaluation of the organization and employee performance.
Financial Resources
  • Responsible for creating an annual budget to present to the Board for approval and prudently manages resources over the course of the year;
  • Leads business development functions through the development of high-level networks and maintains responsibility for growing revenue to sustain the operations of the business;
  • Provides prompt, thorough and accurate analysis of financial information to keep the Board appropriately informed regarding the organization's financial position, thereby contributing to strategic decision making.
Business Development
  • Undertakes high-level marketing initiatives, to create and sustain favorable client relationships, and to support the development of business growth opportunities;
  • Identifies priorities and strategies for attracting new clients and to enhance the growth of RPC’s service offering;
  • Increases the external profile of RPC to support the formation of new partnerships;
  • Establishes strategies for growing existing and future markets; and
  • Increases market share through innovation and marketing its own intellectual property.
Community/Client Relationships
  • Elevates the level of recognition of RPC locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally in political and industry circles;
  • Serves as the primary spokesperson and representative for the organization;
  • Assures that the organization and its mission, programs, and services are consistently presented in a strong, positive image to all relevant stakeholders;
  • Actively advocates for the organization and its services;
  • Builds strong business relationships with regional and national advisory councils, academic and research institutions and other contract research organizations; and
  • Acts as a liaison between the organization and industry and government by building strong relationships.
Government Relations
  • Serves as the primary interface with New Brunswick Government representatives including Ministers responsible for the Crown Corporation (Minister of Opportunities New Brunswick); Standing Committee on Crown Corporations; Auditor General of New Brunswick, Executive Council Office, and other government departments;
  • Creates and develops strong and effective relationships with key government stakeholders to the benefit of RPC; and
  • Responsible for implementing and reporting on mandate letter objectives received from government.

Skills and Experience

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