Executive Brief

Chief Executive Officer
Research and Productivity Council (RPC)

July 2022

About RPC

Since 1962, RPC has been delivering science and technology solutions essential for the prosperity of New Brunswick.  As an economic driver, research and technology have the power to change lives and contribute significantly to a higher standard of living and sustainable growth for the province.

RPC is New Brunswick’s provincial research and technology organization (RTO) and offers contract R&D and technical services across New Brunswick and beyond, serving 1000 clients in 30 countries annually from locations in Fredericton, Moncton, and St. George, New Brunswick.  

Further, RPC’s complement of over 160 scientists, engineers and technologists are supported by world-class analytical chemistry, air quality and material-testing laboratories, comprehensive life science capabilities, an internationally recognized fish health lab, extensive product development, design, manufacturing and testing services, and a wide variety of pilot facilities for the development and improvement of industrial and environmental processes and products.

In addition to its world-class research capabilities, RPC holds over 100 accreditations and certifications including a diverse ISO 17025 scope from the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Success in accreditation programs assure clients that services can be relied upon to meet all essential standards of quality.  It is a provincial crown corporation that is governed by a legislated act available here.

Although RPC remained resilient though the many challenges brought on by the pandemic, the economic impact that RPC has leveraged measures $195 Million for the past fiscal year.  Results to be proud of which can be found in complete detail in the 2021 RPC Annual Report.             

RPC Organizational Chart:


“To deliver science and technology solutions for the prosperity of New Brunswick”.

RPC was designed to be the science and technology arm of the provincial government and support applied research and science for industry and government.  As such, RPC has been involved in nearly every major challenge or event in the economy.  Given RPC’s organizational strength, demand for its services have never been stronger.  Leadership in the following strategic objectives is essential to the success of the organization.

Sustainable Growth

RPC will continue to diversify and expand its expertise and capacity to deliver excellent service and value for its clients and stakeholders in a fiscally responsible way. Specifically, this means:

Effective Communications

RPC will maintain a high level of effective communication with all stakeholders, including clients, the general public and local, provincial and federal government agencies ensuring an increased overall awareness of RPC’s capabilities. Specifically, this means:

Operational Excellence

RPC will carry out its mandate with appropriate facilities, equipment, people, procedures and fiscal management while maintaining a culture of innovation and quality. Specifically, this means:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

RPC will continue to be a good corporate citizen, striving to be environmentally conscious, fair with employees, suppliers and stakeholders and supportive of New Brunswick’s communities. Specifically, during the planning period, this means:

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