Women in Financial Services (WIFS)

Boyden Netherlands (Boyden) has an exclusive partnership agreement with Women in Financial Services (WIFS).

This co-operation offers both Boyden and WIFS the ability to stimulate further the number of women in executive positions in the financial sector.  This will contribute to a better reflection of the position and capabilities of women in society today.

Boyden has already spent years, even before the so-called quotas were introduced by businesses and institutions, encouraging and placing women in top management and specialist positions.  In this area, Boyden also has a proven track record with regard to placing women in fixed and supervisory positions within the financial sector, among others.

For a number of years already, WIFS has been successfully working to give women in the financial sector a platform allowing them to profile themselves more effectively within their sector.  WIFS does this through the organisation of relevant seminars and workshops for its members, roundtables and company visits.  It is also key to strengthen the network of women and to make the market more conscious that the financial sector benefits with optimal performance from women occupying leading positions.  A balanced distribution of positions between men and women is, of course, a natural starting point.

Women in Finanacial Services (WIFS)

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