Nature vs Nurture

Are great leaders born? Or do they become great leaders through learning, observation, and experience?

What we have learned about this age-old question in our years of engaging with top leaders is that the simple answer is both.

Some are born with an innate ability to lead, yet get better with experience. While others become great leaders through effort, observation, practice, and experience. The one commonality though is — great leaders are great leaders because they listen, they learn, they teach, they practice constantly.

We have years of experience evaluating and assisting very talented executives become great leaders. Throughout our website you can discover a number of resources that will assist you in planning, managing and achieving your career goals, but also, importantly, becoming the leader you strive to be.

Boyden is also a founding member of The Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) where you can discover BlueSteps, the AESC’s career service for executives. BlueSteps offers a vast library of resources to help you along your journey.

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