Executive Brief

Dean, Faculty of Education
The University of British Columbia

July 2021

Faculty Strategic Plan

"Learning Transformed represents the Faculty of Education’s commitment to fostering a community of learning that is grounded in the values of equity, inclusivity, diversity, and transparency. This strategic plan acknowledges our commitment to redress the legacy of colonialism and residential schools in pursuit of truth and reconciliation."

Dr. Blye Frank, Dean and Professor

The Faculty’s Strategic Plan, Learning Transformed, outlines our priorities, core areas, goals and objectives for the next five years. Learning Transformed represents the Faculty’s commitment to educate and serve the next generation of educators and researchers and will guide the Faculty’s priorities, activities, and commitments for the next five years. Achieving the vision set out in Learning Transformed is a responsibility shared by all members of the Faculty of Education community. To ensure that the vision is achieved, the Faculty has designated a pool of funds for new projects that will advance the vision presented in the strategic plan.

Vision: Inspiring people, ideas and actions through education for a more equitable and just world.

Purpose: Pursuing research teaching, learning, and community engagement to advance excellence in education, with distinct attention to people and places. 


Download the Strategic Plan

Learning Transformed: Abbreviated Learning Transformed: Full

Learning Transformed in Motion

Learning Transformed outlines the Faculty's priorities, core areas, goals and objectives for the next five years. Their mission—to advance the role of education in the well-being of people and communities—is manifested in their ongoing commitments to:

Indigenous Education

Mental Health Literacy

Supporting Returning Veterans

Sexuality and Gender Inclusive Education

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