Executive Brief

Dean, Faculty of Education
The University of British Columbia

July 2021

Candidate Profile

The Candidate Qualifications: The Search Committee recognizes that no candidate for Dean, Faculty of Education, is likely to meet all the following criteria in equal measure; nevertheless, the following academic characteristics, administrative experience and approach, and personal qualities, in no particular order, are seen to be highly desirable:

Strategic Vision:  An innovative and creative thinker, with a clear vision of the opportunities and challenges ahead for a Faculty like the Faculty of Education at UBC. Able to engage and inspire a diverse range of people in the evolution of the Faculty's vision, aligned with UBC's strategic priorities, and develop implementation strategies for the goals that support the vision. Brings a visionary, strategic approach to planning for future initiatives to further promote and increase the profile of the Faculty.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity:  A proven commitment to advancing equity, and diversity throughout the University to ensure lasting change. Demonstrated evidence of and/or commitment to advancing inclusivity, including but not limited to:

Indigenous Priorities and Rights: A track record and commitment to advancing Indigenous peoples’ human rights exemplified by, but not limited to: 

Collaborative & Transparent Leadership: Ability to provide effective, enthusiastic, empathetic, and transparent leadership to a diverse, multidisciplinary, multi-campus organization. A deliberative decision maker committed to advancing the missions and visions of all units within the Faculty and supporting systemic change where needed.  Has demonstrated interest in working with leaders across a University, in other disciplines, in pursuit of institutional goals. Bridges relationships by navigating and facilitating adept conflict resolution. 

Commitment to Research Excellence: Dedicated to supporting the Faculty’s leading research that is diverse in scope and far-reaching in impact.  Commitment to advancing excellence in research through strategic budgetary decisions, recruitment, retention, promotion and tenure, together with generating adequate support to do so. 

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation in Education: Has demonstrated commitment to a culture where a student-centric approach and excellence in teaching and the learning environment are valued and rewarded. Committed to fostering an environment where teaching and learning are valued and rewarded. Committed to maintaining and expanding UBC’s leadership in learning and pedagogy.  Has demonstrated educational leadership through faculty mentorship. Deeply values and is committed to engaging students and providing excellent student services. Understands the importance of engaging in regular communication with undergraduate and graduate student communities. Demonstrates an understanding of current and innovative technology along with its' impacts on access to educational accessibility.

Communication Skills: Has strong communication skills - able to listen actively and communicate effectively to individuals and groups.  Is consultative with respect to energizing the leadership team. Inspires others to put forward their best effort and ideas. Resolves issues and conflicts in a consultative, sensitive and fair manner.

External Relationships: Has the presence and confidence to play a leadership role engaging with government, industry, alumni, school boards and K-12 schools, and other external stakeholder groups locally and internationally. Understands the importance of engagement to advance intellectual exchange around research and curricular and pedagogical practices to better inform programs and share discoveries and experiences that benefit all involved. Able to maintain and strengthen relationships with key BC Government Ministries. 

Fundraising Experience: Will be committed to playing an active leadership role in fundraising from external sources.  Will be a visible advocate for the Faculty and will continue to build relationships with Alumni.

Administrative & Management Experience: A successful track record as a Dean, Department Head, or other significant leadership roles within a well-respected, research intensive university.  Ideally brings experience working with the education sector, government, and other external partners.  Able to lead and oversee a broad range of activities, including academics, student services, finance and budgets, faculty relations, collective agreements, human resources, planning, infrastructure, and external engagement. Demonstrates the ability to be organized, manage administrative priorities effectively, and is responsive on matters that require efficient decision-making. 

Academic Record: An exemplary track record as a researcher and educator in a related field. Eligible to be appointed as a Full Professor at UBC in the Faculty of Education.

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