Executive Brief

Senior Director, Facility Management, Building & Transportation Services
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

March 2020


Thank you for your interest in this important opportunity. This Executive Brief contains an overview of Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, an outline of the Senior Director, Facility Management, Building & Transportation Services position, and an ideal candidate profile. Also included is an overview of the search process and some general guidance for candidates.

Some of the material may be subject to change. We will do our best to keep you informed of any new developments over the course of the search.

Additional information about Holland Bloorview can be found at www.hollandbloorview.ca. We encourage you to visit the website. 

Applications for this role are being accepted on an ongoing basis. Please contact us should you have any questions.

Yours truly,

Nick Chambers and Collin Ritch

Organizational Profile

About the Organization

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (Holland Bloorview) creates a world of possibility by supporting children and youth living with disability, medical complexity, illness and injury. Holland Bloorview is a top 40 Canadian research hospital that is fully affiliated with the University of Toronto and serves 8,300 families annually. Providing both inpatient and outpatient services, Holland Bloorview is renowned for its expertise in partnering with clients and families to provide exceptional care.

Founded in 1899, Holland Bloorview is located in Toronto and serves children and youth from across Ontario and Canada. The hospital sees children and youth with over 2,300 unique diagnoses annually, including brain injury, cerebral palsy, autism, muscular dystrophy and developmental delay. A holistic approach is taken to assist young people in achieving their goals. This includes physical and cognitive development as well as life skills such as employment readiness, transitioning to adult services and friendship. Children and youth also have access to programming in music, arts, fitness, science and technology.

Holland Bloorview and its volunteers, students and staff have won numerous awards for quality and care, research and innovation, client and family centred care, education and training, and environmental practices. Employment-related awards include: Greater Toronto’s Top Employers, Canada’s Top Employers for Young People and Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures.

At Holland Bloorview, client and family integrated care is the number one priority. Holland Bloorview is a strong component of the Ontario health care system (among hospitals and children’s treatment centres) and is viewed as a leader in its areas of clinical, research and education expertise. Holland Bloorview partners to foster seamless care throughout the client and family journey from diagnosis, illness or injury to our role in rehabilitation and complex transitional care, through to home and community. Many of their clients and families receive services throughout their childhoods from diagnosis to transitioning into the adult health care sector.

The Bloorview Research Institute (BRI) at Holland Bloorview is recognized in Canada and around the world for its leadership in the field of childhood disability research. Guiding all of its research are three core themes: exploring human dimensions of care and disability, developing and improving interventions, and understanding developmental diversity.


“Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital provides specialized programs and clinical care for children and youth with rehabilitation and complex care needs to enable them to participate in life to the fullest. They are Canada’s leading pediatric rehabilitation teaching hospital, dedicated to being at the forefront of clinical care, research and education. As a key resource for Ontario, they are committed to partnerships to build clinical, academic and community capacity to enhance the quality of life for children with rehabilitation and complex care needs and their families.”


The most meaningful and healthy futures for all children, youth and families.

Holland Bloorview's Vision in action:


Holland Bloorview’s 2017 - 2022 Strategic Plan

Holland Bloorview’s strategy for 2017 to 2022 is to focus on three high impact areas – discover for action, personalize pathways and connect the system. In all of these areas, Holland Bloorview will take an integrated approach to research, teaching and care. We will drive all of our work by leading and modeling social change; mobilizing people and teams; co-creating with children, youth, families and alumni; and evolving client centred quality and safety.

To learn more, visit http://noboundaries.hollandbloorview.ca/.

Holland Bloorview Programs and Services

Holland Bloorview offers a wide range of programs and services from brain injury rehabilitation to aquatic swim programs to early learning and development (nursery schools and infant development programs) to inpatient care to orthotics and prosthetics to community-based child development services and many more.

To view a full listing of programs and services offered by Holland Bloorview, CLICK HERE.

About Our Building

Holland Bloorview’s state-of-the-art and fully accessible building has been recognized by the International Academy for Design and Health as “an inspirational building…which speaks to a child’s right to participate in our society.”

Our building, which opened in 2006, was designed to bring the outside in. Our building features floor-to-ceiling windows so that everyone who visits can look out onto the beautiful natural ravine and garden that surround the building. We used neutral colours and natural materials, like zinc and brick, on both the interior and exterior walls. We even have a living “green wall” in our cafeteria and a green roof that can be seen from the second floor waiting area.

Another special thing about our building is the art. We have 33 pieces of art and interactive art installations that reflect themes of transformation, nature and the history of our organization, which is over 100 years old. The artworks express our spirit and promote an overall sense of well-being and delight. They also act as landmarks, helping people to find their way in the building.

From every angle, this facility shows our high level of respect for the clients we serve. It is a spectacular environment to enable kids with disabilities and special needs to achieve their personal best.

Bloorview Research Institute Expansion

Since 2004, the Bloorview Research Institute has tripled in total researchers, staff and students. Now it needs more space, updated equipment and technology, and more world-class scientists, in order to advance innovations and discoveries that will change lives.

In 2018, Holland Bloorview launched a bold 32-million-dollar fundraising campaign to help enable the largest research expansion in our 120-year history and transform the BRI into the premier centre for child and youth science research globally and drive discoveries. The growth strategy is made up of five core elements:

BRI’s new space will include a variety of open and private workspaces, and communal discovery hubs – collaborative, interdisciplinary work areas that support research in critical areas including machine learning, music and arts, neuromodulation and rapid prototyping. Mobile technology will enable researchers to work in any area.

BRI has been working with Nexus PM, Gow Hastings Architects and Buttcon Construction Limited since early 2019 to execute the expansion and renovation. The project is designed to the highest sustainability and accessibility standards, incorporating environmentally friendly and barrier-free design at every opportunity. Sustainable features include solar-shading devices to reduce thermal gain, minimizing excavation and impact on the landscape, maximizing the amount of landscaped outdoor space, and whenever possible, using natural materials with a low energy footprint.

While the project strictly adheres to AODA guidelines, additional accessible design features have been incorporated including extra wide doors and hallways, door-operating devices along busy pathways, colour contrast between walls, floors and doors to assist with navigation for the visually impaired, and height adjustable desks in workspaces.

This expansion will occur in two phases:

Phase 1: Two-storey expansion

Construction for an elevated two-storey, 11,000 square foot expansion on the north side of the hospital will begin in the fall of 2020. The exterior will be decorated with multi-coloured fins. Raised three-stories into the air, the underside of the addition will form a brightly light canopy. An energizing outdoor space will be created underneath for clients, families and the Holland Bloorview community to enjoy.

The addition will be connected to the fourth floor of the Bloorview Research Institute (BRI) by a ‘front porch’-- a welcoming area where researchers, clients, families and staff can mingle, collaborate and share knowledge.

This two-story expansion is slated for completion in fall 2021.

Phase 2: Fourth-floor renovation

Beginning in the fall 2021, the renovation will re-imagine the existing fourth-floor home of the BRI, creating a modern work environment with fewer hallways and walls. Instead, researchers will work in an innovative, open layout that provides ample opportunities for both concentration and collaboration. The anticipated completion date of the renovation is spring 2022.

Research MRI suite:

In April 2020, Holland Bloorview will open its first MRI unit. This research MRI unit is the first in Canada to be immersive, customizable, child-friendly and fully accessible. The research MRI unit was funded 100% by donors and supporters of Holland Bloorview. The new research MRI will give scientists at the Bloorview Research Institute and elsewhere the chance to get a really close-up look at how the human brain develops over time in children and youth who are living with and without disabilities. This knowledge will help our scientists come up with more individualized treatment plans for people who have brain disorders so they can lead more healthy and meaningful lives. 

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Holland Bloorview is a teaching hospital fully affiliated with the University of Toronto, and a proud winner of numerous workplace awards. They are committed to fostering a climate of equity and diversity. They welcome and respect the diversity of their clients, families, staff, trainees, volunteers, trustees and partners. As part of Holland Bloorview’s commitment to fair and equitable recruitment and selection practices, applications are encouraged from racialized persons, women, Indigenous/ Aboriginal People of North America, persons with disabilities, LGBTQI2S persons, and others who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas within our community.

If you require accommodation at any stage in the recruitment process, please contact Collin Ritch at critch@boyden.com. Boyden follows all AODA standards and practices to accommodate candidates with disabilities in a way which respects their dignity, is equitable, and which enhances their ability to be considered for senior executive positions.

Department Organizational Chart

Senior Director, Facility Management, Building & Transportation Services

General Position Description

Reporting to the Vice-President, People, Corporate Innovation and Services, the Senior Director Facility Management, Building and Transportation Services will plan, coordinate, prepare and set the goals and objectives for all Building Services, Transportation, Security and Biomedical Engineering departments. You will collaborate directly with decision makers throughout the hospital on any issues related to facility management. As required, you will liaise with various external regulatory and government agencies (Ontario Hospital Association, Ministry of the Environment, City of Toronto, etc), and manage relationships with community representatives on all Facility Management related matters.

This position plays a critical role in creating and promoting a safe environment for client, families and employees.

Strategic Management

Departmental Operations

Financial Planning & Control

Departmental & Stakeholder Communications

Special Projects


Steps in the Selection Process

1. Announcing your wish to be considered

If you wish to be considered for this position, please forward your résumé, cover letter, and any other relevant material to Collin Ritch.

Applicants whose background and experience most closely match the requirements of the role, will be asked to complete a Self-Assessment questionnaire; the purpose of the Self-Assessment is to offer you the opportunity to highlight, in your own words, how your experience aligns with the key mandates and criteria of the role.

The materials that will be presented to the Search Committee should your candidacy be presented, are your:

2. Interview

Once we receive the Résumés, Cover Letters, and Self-Assessments of those who express interest in the position, we will compare them against the Candidate Profile and also against the backgrounds of other candidates.  We will then conduct a comprehensive interview of the top-rated candidates to assess fit, motivation, executive intelligence, experience, and alignment with the key criteria set out above. 

3. Candidate Due Diligence

We will let you know as soon as possible after the interview if we will be proceeding further and presenting your candidacy to the Search Committee for its consideration; we will also ask you about your interest and whether you would like to continue in the process.  If both parties wish to proceed, we will ask you to begin gathering any information that might have an impact on your final decision. Usually there are three categories: 

  1. Matters of Fact – These include benefits, pension plans, vacation policy, perquisites, and an approximate indication of the compensation plan. If a physical move would be required to accept the position, please learn about housing, schools, relocation assistance, and any other matters of this kind that are important to you.
  2. Matters of Family – If a physical move will ultimately prove unacceptable to your family members, please determine that at this stage.
  3. Matters of Fit – Please list the remaining questions that you would need to have answered about the position and the organization, and pass them along to us. We will be happy to answer them for you.

The goal of gathering all of this information is to help you make an informed decision, as soon as possible, about the degree of your interest. In fairness to everyone, please do not go further if you really think you are unlikely to accept the position should it be offered to you. If you have additional questions following our initial discussion, but your interest is tentative and you are still “exploring”, please let us know. We can help you get the additional information you need.

It is not uncommon for candidates to be pursuing multiple opportunities concurrently. In the interest of transparency, if you are a candidate for another opportunity, please let us know immediately, and keep us informed of your status. Doing so does not reflect negatively on your application, it simply ensures full disclosure from all parties involved.

4. Preparation of Long List and Creation of Short List

If after your interview with us and your due diligence, you remain interested, we will include your application in our Long List Report. The Long List Report will include the materials noted in step 1 above, and any additional supporting materials such as letters of reference. The Report will be presented to the Search Committee, for its review and consideration, at a meeting scheduled for May 6th, 2020. From the Long List, the Search Committee will choose a Short List of candidates that it will invite to an interview.

5.Interview with the Search Committee

Interviews with the Search Committee are scheduled for the following dates: 

Round 1 (May 13th, 2020)

Round 2 (Week of May 18th): Two or three candidates will be invited back for a second interview. The second interview will be less formal and focused on addressing any unanswered or new questions arising from the previous interview.

If you are one of the candidates invited back for a second interview, you may also be asked to make a short presentation on a specific topic of interest to the Board. 

6. If you are the Finalist – Assessment and Referencing

If you are chosen as the finalist, references will be conducted at this stage; we will want to speak with people who have known you from a variety of perspectives. We will work with you to choose a set of referees who can provide a complete picture of your employment history, skills, weaknesses, strengths, competencies, values, etc. 

Finally, we will ask you to provide us with the necessary information and authorization to complete a detailed background check (education, social media, credit, criminal, etc.).

7. Presenting the Assessment, Reference, and Background Findings to the Search Committee

At the completion of the references, assessments, and background checks we will present the findings to the Search Committee for its review and consideration. The Search Committee will meet and make its final selection.

8. Steps Leading to an Offer

If you are selected as the finalist candidate, and if no further references are required, you will be made a verbal offer of employment during which time the terms and conditions of the Offer of Employment will be discussed with you. We will facilitate the negotiations and present you with the formal Offer of Employment once agreement is reached.

Etiquette Regarding an Offer

If this position is offered to you, we would like to know that you will honour two standards of professionalism:

If either of these conditions is unacceptable to you, please inform us immediately. We will do our best to keep you informed throughout the process.

Résumé Accuracy

The Association of Executive Search Consultants estimates that approximately one in five résumés contain material information that is untrue. Examples include the listing of degrees that have not been obtained, titles and dates of employment that are incorrect, and accomplishments that are overstated. As a result, our firm has adopted the practice of verifying the claims made in the résumés of finalist candidates. Our policy is to discontinue the candidacy of anyone whose résumé contains distortions of material information.

If you notice an error in your résumé after you have forwarded it to us, please contact us immediately and send us a corrected copy.

Boyden Team

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