Boyden Executive Search

Presented by Satellite Canada Innovation Network (SatCan)

Date: 16 September 2020

Satellite Canada Innovation Network (SatCan) is a not-for-profit organization working to advance Canadian global competitiveness in commercial space, technology and development.  SatCan works to support the Canadian space sector in many ways, such as:

On Sept 16, 2020, SatCan is pleased to welcome Amanda Gordon for a discussion on all things space and tech to get her insights into the career landscape as we head towards 2021. Amanda Gordon is Partner at the top global search firm Boyden. With over a thousand hires under her belt and over 20 years working in the tech space, Amanda Gordon is known as an expert in finding and hiring the best. Amanda is a Board Member/Chair Human Resources and Talent Committee for the Kanata North Business Association. She is also Executive-In-Residence for University of Ottawa's Entrepreneurship Program, and an active member of the Human Resources Leadership Council for Canada’s largest technology park.

Amanda last spoke with SatCan's audience during a very well-received presentation during Canadian Space Summit 2019. 

Register for this SatCan event here.

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