Boyden's Kevin Gregor, a founding member of the Premier’s Scholarship Committee, joins for Co-Chair Address

Date: 13 May 2022

Location: Calgary, AB

Continuing the tradition, the 25th Annual Premier’s Scholarship Luncheon recognizes outstanding Bow Valley College learners.

Launched in 1994, the Premier’s Scholarship Luncheon has helped raise more than $1.9 million for scholarships distributed to more than 275 students. The support provides students access to valuable scholarships that help them pursue their education and become work-ready graduates, training students for critical industries including health care, technology, arts, entertainment, and business infrastructure to help power Alberta’s future workforce. 

Boyden is proud to join as Matching Challenge Sponsor of the event, and for this year’s luncheon, contributing to the College's work-ready commitment, we are delighted to share that Boyden has pledged a $20,000 gift to be used as a matching gift challenge. For all donations received, Boyden will match contributions up to a total of $20,000, helping to further the impact and increase the scholarships available to students. 

“The role we play as volunteers, sponsors, and donors is a humbling and important one. By opening doors for Bow Valley College students, we remove barriers, and we make knowledge, skills training, and professional development more accessible to everyone. With this spirit of philanthropy, we lift others up and empower students to achieve academic excellence and personal growth, and ultimately, enhance our economy, systems, and community.” - Kevin Gregor, Co-Chair and Founding Member, Premier’s Scholarship Committee, and Managing Partner, Boyden 

Kevin will be delivering the Co-chair Address at the luncheon. 

We congratulate 2022 Premier’s Scholarship recipients:

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