John Caminiti will be representing Boyden

Date: 29 August 2023

Location: Milton, ON

Health Research Foundation's Annual Fundraising Day with the generous support of Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC) members and HRF Fundraising Day sponsors funds critical research partnerships and projects that contribute to a more effective and innovative healthcare system for Canadians.

Boyden is proud to join as Sponsor for this year's disc golf tournament and will be represented by John Caminiti, Partner.

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About Health Research Foundation

The Health Research Foundation (HRF) is a non-profit organization that invests in Canadian applied health research and that contributes to the sustainability of the Canadian healthcare system for improved patient outcomes. The HRF contributions help prevent illness, treat disease, and improve Canada’s health-care systems. Innovative Medicines Canada members generously fund the HRF to ensure health research can continue to benefit Canadians for years to come. The organization is committed to addressing health challenges through supporting research-driven health innovation, stakeholder partnerships, and the advancement of public policy.

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