Kimia Joins as Speaker for Apr 3rd Session - Build the future with Gen Z

Date: 03 April 2024

Location: Virtual Event

Which generation will most significantly impact the future? With Gen Z expected to comprise about a third of the global workforce, they are positioned to redefine various aspects of society, including work dynamics, consumer behavior, and public policy. To delve deeper into understanding Gen Z's influence, there's an upcoming webinar offering direct interaction with this demographic. A panel of Gen Z UBC students and alumni will discuss their values, work approaches, communication styles, environmental concerns, and more. Register now for the opportunity to engage with them and gain insights on how to effectively engage, influence, and collaborate with the upcoming generational wave.

This webinar is the second part of a two-part series — the first webinar, Empower Gen Z in the workplace, was on February 28.

Speaking at April 3rd's Session on Build the Future with Gen Z, Boyden's Kimia Nozadi joins Tashia Kootenayoo (Program Manager, TELUS; Bachelor of Arts student, UBC), Anjali Menon (Co-founder, MEDIC Foundation; Bachelor of Applied Science (Biomedical Engineering) student, UBC), and Bodhi Patil (Founder and CEO, InnerLight; Co-founder, Sea Dragon Studios; Bachelor and Master of Management student, UBC), moderated by Baneet Braich (Multiplatform Journalist, CBC News Vancouver). 

Learn more or register here

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